Sunday, July 6, 2008


That's right, you read it correctly! Little Miss Cutelyn (as her dadday calls her) has a TOOF! She's been sort of cranky and hypersensitive lately, so I guess I should have known. Today I yelled for Chris to come see something on tv and she got so upset with me for yelling. I felt so bad. I guess I should have known, but this is my first toof, so how could I have known? I was feeding her sweet potatoes and looked down and saw something white poking just above the gumline. I stuck my finger in her mouth and ran it along the gum line and lo and behold, it's a TOOF! I was dreading this moment, to be honest, when my normally happy child started teething because I was SURE it would mean Ms. Crankpot all the time. NOPE! She's been somewhat cranky, but not as bad as I expected! YEAY KAITLYN!

A HUGE yeay for Gordon! Mr. Man got himself adopted and is apparently adapting WONDERFULLY in his new home. He even slept in the bedroom of his new sister, which thrilled her to no end! Good work, Gordon!

Mom was up last week helping out with Kaitlyn while Ms. Lida and her family were in Disneyworld. It was awesome to have her here. I could work from home and help out with Kaitlyn when necessary (which was hardly ever). I got so much work done and had so much peace of really took a huge load off my shoulders. I can't wait to have mom up here again.

Chris has officially started his internship with Volkswagen and will be living with us for the next six months. We're in the honeymoon period, but so far so good.

Tomorrow I start physical therapy for my neck and back. They haven't been right since the accident, so hopefully I'll get some relief. I'm sort of bad about doing the home exercises though, so we'll see.

Last, but most certainly not least, Brent was promoted in the Army! He earned Sergeant First Class!!! Yeay honey bunches!! I'm so proud of him for continuing to serve our country and definitely proud of him for getting promoted. He fought long and hard for this promotion and as a result of his actions, others in his specialty can be promoted too! That's my honey!

Okay, that's it for now. More to come when I've had more sleep! ;-)