Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watch out for that bus!!

There are two new fascinations for KIC that, I believe, will set her up for a career in politics.  The first is her fascination with the "law".  To be clear, the "law" to KIC is police officers.  Any time we see someone pulled over for an infraction, she says "oooo, the law got mad at somebody and pulled them over to get a ticket.  Now they have to go to court and go to jail."  No amoun of "not always" could convince her this is not the case.  In any case, a strong alliance with the "law" would most certainly help the career of any aspiring politician.

The second fascination is her abject refusal to accept responsibility for ANYTHING.  NannyK and I watched her jump off the top step, land on the sidewalk, hit the slippery leaves and fall down.  Whereas her immediate reaction used to be "I'M OKAY!", now it's "I DIDN'T DO IT!!!"  The day she manages to convince any one who sees her direct actions that she did not, in fact, "do it", is the day I throw in the towel.  Seriously, anyone with that much charm has no need for further parental guidance.

Recently, after a shower, I discovered my hair brush had gone missing.  My hair brush tends to be interchangeable as my hair brush and KIC's hair brush, often without my knowledge (I know, I know, I'm going to be in a world of hurt when the lice epidemic hits).  This is the conversation that ensued.

Me:  Who took my hair brush???
KIC:  Not me!!!
(Brent was not around to defend himself)
Me:  Well, somebody took it because it is not on my sink.
KIC:  Well, it was not me.
Me:  Fine, I'm going to call the law. 
KIC:  No you're not!!
Me (pretend calling the law):  Hello, sheriff's department?  I would like to file a complaint.  Somebody stole my hair brush.  Uh huh, uh huh, I see.  Okay, we'll see you soon
KIC:  You did NOT just call the law!
Me:  I did too.  They are going to come over to talk to us because I STILL don't have my hairbrush.
KIC:  It's by my sink.  But I didn't do it!!!  Daddy did!
It's at this point Brent returns from his walk with Sunshine.
KIC:  Daddy, mommy called the law about her stolt hair brush and I told her you took it!  You're going to have to talk to the law because I didn't do it!

Brent admitted to taking the hair brush and not putting it back, but at the end of the day, I was STILL the one who had to retrieve it!!!  I'm going to have to speak to the law about that.  In the meantime, Brent is still tending to his wounds from being thrown under the bus.  He better get used to it.  We still have 13 more years to go!