Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You gotta know when to hold it

KIC isn't always a reliable source. She's selective about what she shares (see: My little spy), but the when is always sketchy and it's usually only what she wants to share, not what you want to know. I'm sure, in time, we'll be getting more details than we ever wanted to know, but until then, I'm content with little gems like this.

KIC: "My friend, XXX, had an askident. He pooped on the pwaygwound!"
Me: "He did?!?!"
KIC: "Yeah, he did! AND! XXX XXXX stepped in it!" (this is confirmed by the teacher double-bagging the unfortunate soles...haha! See what I did there?)
Me: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I'm sure your friend XXX will be okay."

At this point, I'd like to mention that the school served the following throughout the course of the day:
- Blueberry muffins
- Yams
- Baked Apples
- Pineapples

If I had all that in the course of a day, I might be pooping on the playground too. Also, I'd like to learn some lessons from XXX. He apparently pooped while ON THE GO! That is TALENT!

Back to my conversation with KIC. As we walked down the steps to leave school, we noticed some crackers on the steps that had been ground into the tread.

KIC: "Someone spilled their food!"
Me: "It's okay. Since I'm sure it wasn't you, we'll be okay."
KIC: "Yeah, it wasn't me! You know what, Mommy? I was a good girl. I kept my poop in my bottom!"
Me (stifling a laugh): "Yes, baby, you did keep your poop in your bottom."

Can you list that as a resume skill? Knowing when to hold your poop? Cuz if so, KIC's got that particular talent DOWN and isn't afraid to tell you about it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Avon Walk Chicago: 2012

As many of you know, I have been a participant in the Avon Walk the past two years. This year, my team and I will be participating in the Avon Walk: Chicago. That's happening the first weekend of June in, you guessed it, Chicago, IL. There's not a lot of time between now and then. As such, it's time for me to get aggressive about fundraising! We are, after all, Team Honey Badgers!!

While I can't reveal all my tricks just yet, I am excited to reveal our first fundraising event! My very talented friend, Tish Bushrod, has graciously donated one of her cakes for us to use as a fundraiser. For every $10 donated to our team, you get entered to win one of Tish's fabulous cakes. Decorated to your taste, Whip It Up by T promises fresh ingredients, meticulous design and unparalleled flavor.

Here are the deets:
- 1 cake for up to 12 people
- Cake decorated to your specifications
- A three week timeframe is requested prior to delivery date
- Entry period ends at midnight, February 29
- $10 per entry to win!!

Please pass it onto your friends! The cakes are fabulous, Tish is awesome to work with and it's for a good cause!! Maybe you can have your own Honey Badger cake!

Here's the link to donate:
Team Honey Badgers

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JOTW: Oasis "Wonderwall"

Well, here I am with another nostalgic Jam Of the Week. I remember thinking in the 90's how profound this song was. "Maybe, you're going to be the one that saves me..." Because, you know, we all wanted to be saved in the 90's. We were all about feeling, man. Well, that, and mosh pits, but that's a different sort of feeling.

It's a shame that the Gallagher brothers couldn't get past the infighting. They really did bring about an awesome Britpop resurgence that helped bands like Bush, The Verve and Blur, to name a few, gain recognition here in the states. "Definitely Maybe" was pretty much it for them, but what a way to make their mark!

This song is my personal favorite and I might have dedicated it on more than one occasion to an undeserving boyfriend. Maybe. I will neither confirm nor deny. ;-) Enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

KIC: Best wingman I know

The following illustrates just how much my poor husband has to deal with on a daily basis from K squared.

Me: "KIC, ask your daddy if we need eggs at the grocery store."
KIC: "But Daddy's upstairs."
Me: "That's okay, yell up to him."
KIC (while standing right next to me): "Daddy, do we need eggs???"
Daddy (unaware of the collusion): "No, we have some in the fridge in the garage."
Me: "KIC, ask your daddy if he needs razor blades."
KIC (still standing next to me): "Daddy, do you need razor blades??"
Daddy (somewhat sharply): "No, I have plenty of razor blades."
Me: "Ask your daddy if he needs shampoo." (This is a long standing feud between DH and I, so now I'm using KIC to poke at him).
KIC (hasn't moved and inch and is now perusing mail order check options with casual disinterest): "Daddy, do you need shampoo??"
Daddy (snappish now): "NO I DON'T! I have plenty of shampoo!!!"
Me (seeing an opportunity): "KIC, ask your daddy if he needs a new attitude."
KIC (still perusing check options): "Daddy, do you need a new attitude?"


Finally, I can't control the giggles any more and actually snort.

Daddy: "I'm not laughing."

I fall to the floor laughing hysterically, KIC throws the check options paper in the trash, Daddy mumbles to himself about needing a vacation and the animals all ignore us crazy humans. Just a day in the life of the Shoup House.