Monday, February 6, 2012

KIC: Best wingman I know

The following illustrates just how much my poor husband has to deal with on a daily basis from K squared.

Me: "KIC, ask your daddy if we need eggs at the grocery store."
KIC: "But Daddy's upstairs."
Me: "That's okay, yell up to him."
KIC (while standing right next to me): "Daddy, do we need eggs???"
Daddy (unaware of the collusion): "No, we have some in the fridge in the garage."
Me: "KIC, ask your daddy if he needs razor blades."
KIC (still standing next to me): "Daddy, do you need razor blades??"
Daddy (somewhat sharply): "No, I have plenty of razor blades."
Me: "Ask your daddy if he needs shampoo." (This is a long standing feud between DH and I, so now I'm using KIC to poke at him).
KIC (hasn't moved and inch and is now perusing mail order check options with casual disinterest): "Daddy, do you need shampoo??"
Daddy (snappish now): "NO I DON'T! I have plenty of shampoo!!!"
Me (seeing an opportunity): "KIC, ask your daddy if he needs a new attitude."
KIC (still perusing check options): "Daddy, do you need a new attitude?"


Finally, I can't control the giggles any more and actually snort.

Daddy: "I'm not laughing."

I fall to the floor laughing hysterically, KIC throws the check options paper in the trash, Daddy mumbles to himself about needing a vacation and the animals all ignore us crazy humans. Just a day in the life of the Shoup House.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you skirt the truth when people ask where this kind of craziness originated.(Proud not to have ended that with a preposition), Anyway, we have pledged not to name your Grandmother as the fount of family foolishness' so Mum's the word.Anonymous