Monday, February 14, 2011

Shot through the heart

As many of you know, my family and I foster dogs and cats. We've been fostering dogs before KIC was even a gleam in our eye and cats shortly after she was born. KIC actively interacts with them and loves them in her own way. The hound that can't stand new people in our home? According to KIC that's "my Havoc" (real names changed to protect the idiot). And KIC manages to find the good in all the animals as well. The same hound who steals her food EVERY BLESSED CHANCE HE GETS...."Havoc likes to share with me." If by sharing you mean being your personal food vaccum, then you're right! But, just as the fosters find a place in my heart, they find a place in KICs heart too.

Yesterday, we found a potential home for one of our fosters, Garfield. He's a cool cat, but there hasn't been a whole lot in the way of interaction with he and KIC. On the way home from the cat adoption event, I was updating Minga on the cat inventory and letting her know that Garfield found his potential home. KIC starts assertively saying that Garfield was "my kitty!!" I was taken aback by it but thought no more of it as she fell asleep soon after. Silly Mommy!

Fast forward to bath night last night. Aunt Terri asks Kaitlyn how her day was yesterday. FIRST BLESSED THING out of Kaitlyn's mouth: "My mommy gave away my kitty!" Apparently, I am an awful mom and I give away all of Kaitlyn's things. Okay, well, that's partly true, but this is the same child who a few months before, had no problems announcing to anyone who would listen that "Kitties need a home!!" Honestly!

Coming soon, we'll be taking donations for KIC's therapy. In the meantime, I'll be licking my wounds in the corner.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forgive me, bloggers, for I have sinned...'s been over a month since my last post!

I am happy to report that TIC is now KIC (Kid in Chief). She made it to the three year old milestone with a little blood, sweat and tears from those closest to her. We had a big celebration at the local rec center with her closest friends and the sugar high from the Buzz/Boody (Woody for those of you unfamiliar with KIC speak) got her through to bedtime! Wahoo! We had a lovely dinner with Minga and Grandpa and then we allllllllllllllll had an early bed time. It was seriously like someone unleashed a canister of sleeping gas in the Shoup House. Crafts and time on the playground will do that to you!

In recent developments, KIC has moved into a big girl bed. She set some ground rules last night by informing me that "Big girl bed not for mommy, not for daddy, not for Aunt Terri and not for Uncle Chris. Uncle Chris has to go to work and dfhahasdh". Clearly I didn't quite catch that last part. I'm not sure if the list of those who are not allowed in the bed will grow as we get more visitors to our house, but if your name gets added, you'll be in VERY good company, I assure you.

KIC has transition well into her new preschool classroom. I think it helps that there were kids she knew from the twos up there with her. Her friend Adam was happy to see her. KIC in turn looked at him like she'd never seen him before. I know that if her friend Allie was in that classroom, the two of them would rule the school. Little blonde terrors! I mean, they are exactly what little girls should be: sugar and spice and everything nice! KIC is coloring in the lines, she's learning more Spanish, she's eating more consistently with utensils...She's growing up so fast! This morning, she put on her shoes all by herself and on the right feet too! After lavishing praise on her accomplishment, I said "KIC, what am I going to do when you don't need me any more???" I think she could hear the despair in my voice because she came running up to me and gave me a hug and said "I love you too, Mommy!" Seriously, I love that kid. And I'm going to remember moments like that when she's a teenager, slamming her door and telling me how much she hates me!

In other news, KIC will undergo the knife on February 25th. Please pray that I get through this without copious amounts of alcohol. I'm not sure they'll discharge your kid if it's clear you're under the influence! Since she was 11 months old, she's had chronic ear infections that her first set of tubes weren't able to resolve. Her last ear infection was the worst I've seen ever and the tubes are now long gone. Her doctor recommended a second set of tubes as well as removing her adenoids in the hopes that this time around, the ear infections will stop. It's a common procedure and one I had when I was a kid, but it doesn't really make the stay in the waiting room any easier!!!

That's it for now! Oh, if you have room in your heart and home, there's a big goofy hound named Howard who is looking for a permanent, or even a temporary home until he can find his forever home. He's running out of time...

Until next time, hug your kids and pet your animals!