Monday, April 28, 2014

We're hiring!! Maybe

Almost two years ago, to the day, I turned to Brent and told him we were hiring a nanny for the summer.  I was concerned about KIC's penchant for blending in with the class and not really participating and wanted her to have some one on one time.  I was also very cognizant of the fact that soon, she would be starting school with days not quite so carefree and wanted to give her the summer of her young life.  Bless my husband, he went with the flow.  Once we talked about it, he felt the same way I did and was willing to at least entertain having a nanny, if only for the summer.  We could do ANYTHING temporarily.

Enter NannyK.  We were looking for a nanny around the time she was available for hire.  One might call it kismet.  Any time you bring someone new playing a critical role in the life of your child, there is some anxiety and tension, but I just knew we were doing the right thing for KIC and felt more comfortable about KIC's care than I had in a long time.  We all entered into the arrangement with the agreement that it would be for the summer only.  However, I knew pretty soon into the arrangement that she would be the best teacher for KIC in that period of her life.  As KIC began to warm up to the arrangement, NannyK felt comfortable agreeing to stay on long term.

NannyK has been with us the past two years and the transformation in KIC has been a sight to behold.  Where she was withdrawn and shy around new people, she can confidently interact with folks she doesn't know.  The amount of things she has learned from NannyK has been awe inspiring and we have found a learning style that works really well for KIC, thanks to NannyK.  KIC has someone to be silly with, to be creative with and to dance around the kitchen singing "Frozen" songs with.  The bond the two of them now have is something beyond my wildest imagination and something I know KIC cherishes.

While I hoped for, and really, expected, growth in KIC due to this wonderful opportunity, I had no expectations beyond that.  The past two years, NannyK has been invaluable in the lives of B and I as well.  During kitten season, I know I can count on NannyK to check on the kittens - that is, when she isn't bringing me pregnant teenage moms.  She has been a source of comfort during hard times, a dynamo in crunch times and just a good friend.  I have, quite unexpectedly, broadened my own horizons.  I say regularly that we are lucky to have NannyK and I mean it.  She came into our lives when we had no idea how much we needed her and has wormed her way into our family.  At this point, we couldn't get rid of her if we tried!  Not that we ever want to.

NannyK has done a very unspeakable thing:  she has gone and got herself the (almost) perfect job in her field of choice.  Her departure is extremely bittersweet and we will all miss her terribly.  I might have thrown a couple of private, okay, public too, tantrums in the days leading up to her departure. 

With this news, comes some big decisions.  We are currently deciding if we want to go back to the day care route or hire another nanny.  I know that no matter what I choose, it will cannot possibly compare to our time with NannyK.  KIC has already told me this, though not in so many words.  More like eye rolls and sighs.  So much for having some time until teenagehood!  Pray for me! 

We wish all the best for NannyK and appreciate having her in our lives the past two years.  We will miss her terribly but know that she'll always have a place in our home and our hearts.  Thank you, NannyK.  You rock our socks!