Monday, March 26, 2012

Are we setting a precedent?

For those of you who read my Facebook statuses, it comes as no surprise that we have a new addition in the Shoup House. We branched out beyond dogs and cats and have included rodents in our menagerie. KIC had attached herself to one of our foster kitties who was beyond unsuitable for the long term. In desperation one day, I told KIC that if we could find the foster kitty (who shall remain nameless) a new home, that I would get her a hamster. She flatly declined and I left it alone, resigning myself that {name redacted} would be with us forever.

The time came and I was fairly insistent that {name redacted} get a chance to find a new home. KIC put up no fuss and came with me to take {name redacted} to Petsmart to increase her chances of finding a good home. I should have known something was percolating in KIC's significantly underestimated brain. As we were leaving the store, she turns to me and says "Can I get my hamster now, Mommy?" sonofa.... It didn't happen that day, but only because I wanted to find a hamster at one of our local shelters.

After a two week search, and being unable to find a hamster at any of our local shelters, I checked craigslist and found one, with cage, for $10. DH met the seller, gave her $10 and got the "goods" so to speak. While investigating, it turns out the poor thing had mites like nobody's business. DH was very patient and doused the little critter with anti-mite spray and changed out her mite infested bedding. To say the hamster was grateful for the attention and the efforts would be to tell a complete falsehood. I believe she drew blood more than once in the time spent hosing her down.

KIC met her and named her Princess Gypsy. Gypsy is probably accurate as she is feisty as all get out, but the Princess part is a COMPLETE misnomer. We explained that Princess Gypsy was sick and kind of grumpy because she was sick, so KIC couldn't handle Princess Gypsy because otherwise, Princess Gypsy might bite.

Princess Gypsy has since been declared mite free and has relocated to KIC's bedroom. KIC, for her part, is SUPER excited about this development and checking on Princess Gypsy is the first thing KIC does in the morning. Princess Gypsy, being no fool, puts on a very good show for KIC, causing KIC to proclaim "Princess Gypsy LOVES ME, right?!?!" You're thinking, awww, that's so sweet, except, with the very next breath, KIC says "But I can't handle her, because she might bite me, but she loves me." While there's a life lesson in there somewhere, I'm hoping it's not, "they beat me because they love me."

I shoulda known adding to the Shoup House was a bad idea!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jam of the Week "B*tches in Bookstores"

Okay, technically, I'm cheating as this is more of a parody than an actual tune, but honest to goodness, I can't stop listening to it. Check it out!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Woman without a school

KIC knows I take a bus to work. It's hard to differentiate, though Lord knows I have tried, the difference between my commuter bus and a school bus. This morning, we passed some children waiting for their bus. The following conversation ensued:

KIC: "What are those kids doing??"
Me: "Waiting for the school bus."
KIC: "Are they going to my school?"
Me: "No, babes, they go to middle school."
KIC: "What's middle school?"
Me: "I think it's where 6th, 7th and 8th graders go to school."
KIC: "Oh. Where's your school?"
Me: "What??"
KIC (louder, since clearly I'm hard of hearing and going senile): "WHERE'S YOUR SCHOOL?"
Me: "Oh, um, I don't have a school, babes. I go to work."
KIC: "Okay. Well, you can go to my school - "
Me: "Okay!"
KIC: "But you need to meet my Pre-K friends - "
Me: "Okaaaaaaay..."
KIC: "And then you can be in my classroom."

It's nice to know that when I'm too confused to know where I belong (ie, "school" vs "work") that KIC has a plan all worked out for me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For Crying Out Loud!

This weekend, the Shoups had a rare dinner out. I don't mean fast food (cuz heaven knows that's not rare), but an actual sit down dinner. Brent usually asks me about dress code before we went out to dinner, but I guess he felt pretty comfortable with the Cracker Barrel dress code. Just before we left, it was discovered that he was wearing his ratty lawn mowing shoes and he proceeded to change them.

As KIC and I sat in the car watching him change his shoes on the front step (after having walked out in his socks...BOYS!), I threw my arms open to playfully indicate that he needed to shake a leg (Momma was fiending for some double chocolate coca cola cake...haven't had it...don't! It's addictive!!). The following is a true accounting of all that transpired.

KIC (arms also outstretched with all the windows rolled up): BRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I start giggling and Brent doesn't understand why, so I roll down the window)
Me (whispering): KIC, tell daddy if he doesn't hurry up, we're leaving him here.
KIC: DADDY!!! We can't waste time, we have to go to get dinner!
(Daddy finally finishes and gets into the car)
KIC: Daddy! You had to change your shoes and now we're going to be late for dinner. We almost left you!

I've decided that from this point on, there's no point in me trying to corral DH when it's time to go out. I'll just send my mini-me into action!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today, the Shoups got to experience the ceremony of a State Arrival. A State Arrival is used to welcome visiting foreign dignitaries and honor their relationship with the US. Today's visit brought David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK. Through a series of fortunate events, I was able to bring KIC, her bestest daddy and some friends of ours to the event.

A bad day at this office still beats a good day at any other office

It's hard to describe the sort of awe and wonder I have with military type events. I was eager to share the wonder with KIC. She may or may not remember it, but the point is I'll be able to look back on this time fondly. I'm not sure what I thought KIC's reaction would be. She was VERY excited to come to "mommy's work" even if we got up at "it's still dark out, Mommy, it's nigh-night time" o'clock. She loved her new dress for the occasion and ESPECIALLY loved that I let her bust out her new Princess light up shoes!

This is my I got up way too early face

Upon arrival, the people we encountered couldn't have been nicer to KIC. She was having none of it. She didn't want flags, she didn't want a program and heaven forbid she smile. Throughout the day, when people tried to engage the pretty little blonde girl, they found themselves joining the ranks of the snubbed. When the band came in, an awesome staff member (who I may or may not know...thanks, TH and EH!!)spotted us, took pity on us and moved us closer so KIC could see.


When we got to the squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee box, KIC was less interested in being thisclose to the podium and more interested in what her daddy was doing. That's cool. I can dig it. As the excitement mounted in the crowd with the announcement of the arrival of President Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama, KIC stood at the rope line and halfheartedly waved her flag.

When the President and the Prime Minister joked about bracketology, burning down the White House (seriously, that's still funny after 200 years!) and being "chuffed", KIC stared with envy at her friend A's go go boots (they were seriously cool). She did perk up when I lifted her to see the red coat drum and fife corps because who doesn't get excited about a pretty red coat???


I don't think seeing Bo in all his glory taking his daily stroll even tickled her fancy (BTW, have you seen Bo lay an egg??). As the Obamas and the Camerons strolled into the White House, this was KIC's takeaway:

KIC: Mommy, can we go into the White House??
Me: No, baby, we cannot.
KIC: Why?
Me: Because we weren't invited.
KIC: Oh, okay. Can we go bowling then?
Me: No, baby, we cannot.
KIC: Why?
Me: Because I didn't reserve the bowling alley.
KIC: Oh, okay. Next time.

Kid's got her priorities and welcoming the Camerons to American apparently ain't one of 'em. I think I speak for all of the Shoups when I say to the people who made this happen, thank you. I can't ever express how awesome it was to have my family and friends experience this. And to the British Prime Minister: Welcome!

Monday, March 5, 2012

No sympathy

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a magnet for crazy people (readers of this blog excluded, of course!). I once had a woman strike up a conversation at the grocery store about kitty litter. This lead to her telling me her entire adult history of pet ownership, when all I wanted to do was take my now melting ice cream home. 20 minutes later, I was on my way.

Yesterday, we took our foster kitty, Fatima, to Petsmart in the hopes that getting showcased in a public place would lead to her finding her forever home. While there, there was a crazy woman who had no problems admitting she has 17 cats and telling me all about the designer breed she created. Irresponsible breeding drives me INSANE and the basis of her "designer breed" was too depressing to rehash here.

On our way to the car, I had the following conversation with KIC:

Me: "That lady drove me crazy!"
KIC: "Why?"
Me: "Because Mommy doesn't like it when people are irresponsible and make new kittens that need homes."
KIC (laughing): "That lady made you crazy. It's so funny when you go crazy."

Thanks, KIC. To quote Rodney Dangerfield "I get no respect."