Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today, the Shoups got to experience the ceremony of a State Arrival. A State Arrival is used to welcome visiting foreign dignitaries and honor their relationship with the US. Today's visit brought David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK. Through a series of fortunate events, I was able to bring KIC, her bestest daddy and some friends of ours to the event.

A bad day at this office still beats a good day at any other office

It's hard to describe the sort of awe and wonder I have with military type events. I was eager to share the wonder with KIC. She may or may not remember it, but the point is I'll be able to look back on this time fondly. I'm not sure what I thought KIC's reaction would be. She was VERY excited to come to "mommy's work" even if we got up at "it's still dark out, Mommy, it's nigh-night time" o'clock. She loved her new dress for the occasion and ESPECIALLY loved that I let her bust out her new Princess light up shoes!

This is my I got up way too early face

Upon arrival, the people we encountered couldn't have been nicer to KIC. She was having none of it. She didn't want flags, she didn't want a program and heaven forbid she smile. Throughout the day, when people tried to engage the pretty little blonde girl, they found themselves joining the ranks of the snubbed. When the band came in, an awesome staff member (who I may or may not know...thanks, TH and EH!!)spotted us, took pity on us and moved us closer so KIC could see.


When we got to the squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee box, KIC was less interested in being thisclose to the podium and more interested in what her daddy was doing. That's cool. I can dig it. As the excitement mounted in the crowd with the announcement of the arrival of President Barack and Mrs. Michelle Obama, KIC stood at the rope line and halfheartedly waved her flag.

When the President and the Prime Minister joked about bracketology, burning down the White House (seriously, that's still funny after 200 years!) and being "chuffed", KIC stared with envy at her friend A's go go boots (they were seriously cool). She did perk up when I lifted her to see the red coat drum and fife corps because who doesn't get excited about a pretty red coat???


I don't think seeing Bo in all his glory taking his daily stroll even tickled her fancy (BTW, have you seen Bo lay an egg??). As the Obamas and the Camerons strolled into the White House, this was KIC's takeaway:

KIC: Mommy, can we go into the White House??
Me: No, baby, we cannot.
KIC: Why?
Me: Because we weren't invited.
KIC: Oh, okay. Can we go bowling then?
Me: No, baby, we cannot.
KIC: Why?
Me: Because I didn't reserve the bowling alley.
KIC: Oh, okay. Next time.

Kid's got her priorities and welcoming the Camerons to American apparently ain't one of 'em. I think I speak for all of the Shoups when I say to the people who made this happen, thank you. I can't ever express how awesome it was to have my family and friends experience this. And to the British Prime Minister: Welcome!

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