Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little things

I haven't updated the blog in awhile.  It's not because KIC hasn't done or said anything funny.  It's not because now my funniest material is on Facebook.  It's little things that add up so that sitting down to write a blog post is the furthest thing from my mind.  It's the running to and fro from this thing to that.  It's addressing the needs of the house and those within the house.  It's ensuring that the emotional needs of all creatures within the Shoup house, great and small, are met. 

There are some overwhelming things going on right now that we Shoups, and our Shoup affiliates, are currently consumed with overcoming.  Once we come out on the other side, I promise, we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming.  With all the material KIC provides, how could we not?  :-)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Egg Roll 2013 Redux

I had the privilege of working the 2013 White House Easter Egg roll for the second year in a row.  In the morning, I had the distinction and honor of escorting the White House Easter bunnies to their various media appearances.  And I do mean various.  From Al Roker to all the local channels, everyone wants face time with the bunnies.  And why not??  They are downright adorable!

This year started out on a foggy/chilly note. 

Washington Monument in the Mist

The bunnies' first appeareance was with Al Roker at 6 am.  I guess Al does weather with the Weather Channel too, before the Today show.
It's Al Roker, I promise!
While I definitely appreciate Al Roker and his dedication to giving us entertainment with our weather, I was beyond excited about my first celebrity sighting of the morning.
Assemble the minions!!!!!  Note the super cute and super not weather appropriate outfit!
I was in charge of escorting the bunny known as Junior Bunny in the morning.  This guy was FULL of shenanigans.  And possibly encouraged by his handler.  A little.  I can neither confirm nor deny.
 Bad bunny!!!!

Austin Mahone with the Bunny

The bunny tried to fight Slapshot!!!
We found out later, we had the wrong bunny head with the costume.  I think he looks fetching with Mama Bunny's head and Junior Bunny's body.  Looks like my hopes for a career as a costume character stylist at Disney are shot.
Once the morning round of media appearances were complete, the bunnies were off for meet and greets with their adoring public.  On more than one occasion, they were photobombed by Nickelodeon characters, but the bunnies and handlers dealt with it gracefully.  Nobody is claiming credit for tripping Bugs Bunny, but mess with the best, fall with the rest.  I'm just sayin'!
During the second shift, some really cool people came to visit!!
"Some day soon, I'll be President Kaitlyn!"

                                               Man, they let anybody into the White House!
Like Mother, like daughter!

Love Jordin's face in this picture!
That was the highlight of my day.  This was the highlight of their day.
President Obama reading "Chicka Boom Boom"

 First Lady Obama reading "Cloudy with a Side of Meatballs" and Malia and Sasha reading "Brown Bear".  Bo's in there too.  In this picture, the First Lady is telling Bo to stay off her white pants with his muddy paws.  #dogownerproblems
You would think that KIC, who LOVES President Barack Obama and still tells people that I used to live in the White House (it only felt like that) would have been thrilled to have him reading her a favorite book.  I was sitting in the back with Jordin and was not able to see what KIC was doing.  Thank goodness for the interwebs.
She's not even paying attention!!!!
Clearly, she would rather have been doing this:

We also managed to see Gordon, Elmo, Abby and Rosita from Sesame Street as well as some high flying tumblers from Chicago.  I saw them later and told them how awesome they were.  Incredible and KIC was riveted the whole time!  Each child attendant receives a wooden Easter egg when they leave and KIC and Jordin were lucky enough to get the coveted Bo egg!  This egg is only available if you buy the Easter Egg set, so we were thrilled with this.  Plus, KIC loves dogs (though she didn't want to pet Bo at all) so this egg was super appropriate.
After they left, I wrangled bunnies until the sun was almost setting into the sky.  It was such a magical day and so great to spend it with so many of my friends.  It was super neat to see the look of wonder on people's faces as they wandered on the lawn of the WHITE.HOUSE.ZOMG!  As long as the day is, I can't wait to do it again next year!  Suck it, sequestration!