Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How many times have I beat you??

It's no secret amongst my family and friends that I am pretty strict with KIC.  We have fun, silly moments, but when I feel like she's done something not safe or is getting out of control, I do not hesitate to address the behaviors on the spot.  Some may not agree with my parenting style, but I learned very early on, ironically as a pet owner, that if you do not set expectations and reinforce those expectations, things can get out of control very quickly.  Consistency is my mantra.

Recently, KIC has been working on her drama skills.  If she knows she has done something unsafe or recognizes she has gotten out of control in some way, she'll recoil and back away from you like you're going to beat her.  Where I am strict, NannyK is permissive and KIC recoils from NannyK as well, for no good reason.

We were at a grocery store, late one night, when KIC nearly flipped a small shopping cart over on herself.  I cut her some slack given the events of the night (out late, sitting patiently through an appointment for mommy, etc), but as soon as the shopping cart slammed to the ground, she started fake shaking and backing away.  After this conversation, I'm surprised CPS wasn't called.

KIC, backing up, fake shaking:  I'm sorry, Mommy!!!!!!
Me:  KIC, how many times have I beat you?
KIC thinking while the cashier and other shoppers look on in horror and Uncle Chris looks away in embarrassment.
Me:  NONE!  So stop acting like I'm going to beat you.  You weren't being safe, you almost got hurt, next time don't do that.
KIC nods hesitantly.
Me:  Uncle Chris, we are going to wait for you outside.
Uncle Chris nods in acceptance.
KIC, as we are walking away from the checkout aisle:  Awwwwwwwkwaaaarrrrrrrrrrd!

Please, friends, when I come visit, have the decency to have an alcoholic beverage poured in advance.  I'm going to need it over the next 15 years.