Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Woman without a school

KIC knows I take a bus to work. It's hard to differentiate, though Lord knows I have tried, the difference between my commuter bus and a school bus. This morning, we passed some children waiting for their bus. The following conversation ensued:

KIC: "What are those kids doing??"
Me: "Waiting for the school bus."
KIC: "Are they going to my school?"
Me: "No, babes, they go to middle school."
KIC: "What's middle school?"
Me: "I think it's where 6th, 7th and 8th graders go to school."
KIC: "Oh. Where's your school?"
Me: "What??"
KIC (louder, since clearly I'm hard of hearing and going senile): "WHERE'S YOUR SCHOOL?"
Me: "Oh, um, I don't have a school, babes. I go to work."
KIC: "Okay. Well, you can go to my school - "
Me: "Okay!"
KIC: "But you need to meet my Pre-K friends - "
Me: "Okaaaaaaay..."
KIC: "And then you can be in my classroom."

It's nice to know that when I'm too confused to know where I belong (ie, "school" vs "work") that KIC has a plan all worked out for me.

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