Monday, February 14, 2011

Shot through the heart

As many of you know, my family and I foster dogs and cats. We've been fostering dogs before KIC was even a gleam in our eye and cats shortly after she was born. KIC actively interacts with them and loves them in her own way. The hound that can't stand new people in our home? According to KIC that's "my Havoc" (real names changed to protect the idiot). And KIC manages to find the good in all the animals as well. The same hound who steals her food EVERY BLESSED CHANCE HE GETS...."Havoc likes to share with me." If by sharing you mean being your personal food vaccum, then you're right! But, just as the fosters find a place in my heart, they find a place in KICs heart too.

Yesterday, we found a potential home for one of our fosters, Garfield. He's a cool cat, but there hasn't been a whole lot in the way of interaction with he and KIC. On the way home from the cat adoption event, I was updating Minga on the cat inventory and letting her know that Garfield found his potential home. KIC starts assertively saying that Garfield was "my kitty!!" I was taken aback by it but thought no more of it as she fell asleep soon after. Silly Mommy!

Fast forward to bath night last night. Aunt Terri asks Kaitlyn how her day was yesterday. FIRST BLESSED THING out of Kaitlyn's mouth: "My mommy gave away my kitty!" Apparently, I am an awful mom and I give away all of Kaitlyn's things. Okay, well, that's partly true, but this is the same child who a few months before, had no problems announcing to anyone who would listen that "Kitties need a home!!" Honestly!

Coming soon, we'll be taking donations for KIC's therapy. In the meantime, I'll be licking my wounds in the corner.

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