Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Since the very first ultrasound where you could see KICs visage, I knew she would come out looking like her father, and she did. I often said I needed a maternity test to prove I was her mother (apparently the scars and stretch marks weren't enough to prove I was her mother). At around 11 months, I KNEW KIC was my kid. She, much to my chagrin, inherited my tiny, crooked ear canals. Yeay her. What this meant for her was round the clock antibiotics for the ear infections that plagued her. It came as no surprise when I first heard the words "She'll need tubes." Nor did it come as a surprise when I heard "She'll need another set of tubes and an adenoid removal." *sigh* On February 25th, that's exactly what we did...KIC got a second set of tubes and her adenoids removed.

It's tough to explain to a three year old why they are at the hospital and why they can't eat or drink. The well equipped play room helped with the distraction quotient and we all admired the yellow pajamas. I would like to know how come kids get pants when adults don't? Kids have far LESS modesty than adults yet they get to cover up more? Seems kind of odd. The day went well and Brent and I were very relieved to have it over and done with. If your child ever has to have surgery and you have to go in and "assist' with the anesthesia aspect, I HIGHLY recommend asking for a lil something to take the edge off. Irish carbomb, jello shooter, shot of morphine, whatever it takes man. If you've been there, you feel my pain. If you haven't, I pray that you don't ever have to know what I'm talking about. Seriously.

The recovery period is a two week period. TIC alternates between happily zooming around and being cranky to the max. This too shall pass and the liquor cabinet can ALWAYS be restocked.

Huge thanks to everyone for the calls, the emails, the texts, the lovely card in the mail and the Facebook posts. We appreciated every one of them and thank you for thinking of us. Ya'll are the best, seriously!

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