Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adding to the family, willy nilly

A couple of weeks ago, Kaitlyn told me she had a sister. When I asked her who her sister was, she replied "I don't know, but she's coming soon." I confirmed on Facebook, and I'll confirm again in this blog, I am not pregnant, no matter how much my daughter (apparently) wants the opposite to be true.

A couple of days ago, Kaitlyn informed me that we would be having a party. Since her birthday, she has been obsessed with parties, so I take this all in stride. When I asked her if she was having a party, she said "no, you're having a party." Okay, I thought I was done with entertaining for awhile, but I can throw a party for a worthy cause. "I'm having a party?", I naively asked. "Yes, for my daughter." I nearly drove off the road. I'm too young to be a grandmother!! That kind of killed any conversation right there as I contemplated why my daughter, at the tender age of three, thought she had a daughter....

Finally, yesterday, she told Miss PJ at school that she had a sister. I'm not sure if Miss PJ knows Kaitlyn doesn't actually HAVE a sister, but she played along anyway. When she asked Kaitlyn about her sister, Kaitlyn was not able to provide a name, but was able to tell Miss PJ that her sister "was as tall as my mommy." Hmmmmmmmm...That could fit a wide range of ages as I'm only a smidge bigger than a leprechaun.

So, to recap. In the span of two weeks, Kaitlyn has verbally added at least two members to our little family unit. As long as she keeps talking about her imaginary siblings and offspring and does not reveal my animal hoarding, I think I can count this as a positive thing.

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