Friday, May 13, 2011


Shoo, buddy! I can't believe I haven't posted since March. Apparently, keeping up with other blogs has been consuming all my time. My friend, Crystal, introduced me to this handy little tool called the google reader that makes it easier for me to track my blogs, so I should have more time to stay on top of this one. We hope. I make no promises.

Lest you think this is a touching story about how much I value my role as a mom, let me assure you it is not. That is not to say I don't value my role, because I do, very much. This post is more to document just how quickly children grow up.

Mother's day was last weekend, May 8th. I woke up, not to a lovely breakfast, but to a child who overnight decided to become a teenager. I went to bed being called "Mommy" and woke up to being called "Mom." Stake through my heart, I tell ya! In the ensuing days, "Mommy" has returned, but I caught a glimpse of the teenage years and it was not pretty.

Later that week, we happened to pass KIC's bestie, Allie, and her parents who were walking their dog. God bless 'em cuz with the number of dogs we have, they are lucky if they get to go for a walk (and they know it too, so they appreciate it when they do get to go for walks...or unauthorized walkabouts having sprinted out the front door...semantics). Anyway, KIC generally speaking won't even so much as look a stranger in the eye, but Allie can get KIC to chatter away every single time. Not this night. Allie was doing her level best to engage KIC in conversation and KIC stared at Allie like Allie was speaking a foreign language. In KICs defense, we had just spent an hour at the vet, but she was not engaging Allie at all. Awkward. As we drove away, I asked her why she wasn't talking to Allie and she said it was because Allie would want to play! Have we started the "Shhhhh...tell them I'm not home" behavior already????

Most recently, KIC has started reinforcing the "taboo" words in the house. "We don't say soopid (stupid), we don't say shut up and we don't say I don't care or we'll get a spanking, right, Mommy?" "No, KIC, we don't get a spanking for those things." "We get a time out, right, Mommy?" This conversation replays itself frequently in our house. The other night, she took it a step further and when she got to the part about the spankings, she thrust out her tiny little butt (what little she has...I can say with certainty she didn't inherit my butt genes) and said "and we get a spanking right here" and pointed to her butt in a way that you would see in a hip hop video. When I asked for the full demonstration again, she very proudly displayed her butt and pointed to it again. In hindsight, perhaps watching Willow perform "Whip Your Hair" wasn't the smartest move after all. ;-)

Tomorrow, I start the first leg of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston. It's an important venture for me because so many people I love and admire have been affected by this disease and I'm honored to be able to participate. Lookout, year, I'm going to be recruiting even more folks for team "VA4BBS"!

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