Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My child...

...isn't the smartest in her class.
...still requires some translation when she speaks.
...can't pick out her letters just yet.
...can't pick out her numbers just yet.
...isn't completely comfortable around people she doesn't see on a regular basis.
...prefers to self-entertain as opposed to being part of a crowd.
...doesn't always use utensils when she eats.
...has to be reminded to say "please" and "thank you".
...doesn't always put her shoes on the right feet or her clothes on the right way.


My child is...
...great at figuring out how things work.
...loving and helpful with all of our foster animals.
...always willing to offer comfort to others when they need it.
...loves to read stories to her "babies".
...always up for an adventure with her parents.
...over the moon when she gets to visit with people she knows and loves.
...excited about legos and animals and princesses and Botino and Teema and kitties and Havoc sometimes and Wellie Wonka when it's time to play on the bed and *pause to take a breath*

My kid is three. She's got plenty of time to be challenged in school, or at sports, or by life. Right at this moment, she's a happy, well-adjusted kid who loves her animals, loves her parents and who brings happiness and joy to people lucky enough to see her smile. She is easygoing and blends in seamlessly. She's on the right track developmentally, but even if she wasn't, we'd love her just the same. We are incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a great kid and will continue to revel in what she has and what she brings us as opposed to what she doesn't have.

You may think this is the ranting of a mom who is worried that her kid may never measure up. Does it matter? She's three. This isn't a knock on parents out there whose kid is exceptionally gifted and who should be starting their Mensa application, or the ones whose kid shows great potential to be the next superstart gymnast, or whatever. We're just not going agonize about what she can't do, and be thankful that she doesn't eat her own poo, or anybody else's. Life's too short to constantly worry about what she can't do and how she measures up to her classmates and friends. KIC is KIC and that's good enough for me.


AmericnJewl said...

You forgot that she's freaking adorable too. I don't always use my utensils either... and occasionally have to be reminded to say 'please' and 'thank you' ...theres hope for me yet!

ferfischer said...

amen, sister.