Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who Needs Video Surveillance With This Kind Of Intel??

Kids are parrots - any parent of a child over the age of 2 becomes acutely aware of this. Whether it's words used at an inopportune time or actions, you see yourself reflected in your child. Most of the time, this is a huge compliment - it means you're doing something right. Other times, the 'F' word comes up during a visit with your conservative in-laws and you just want to crawl into a hole and stay there in the fetal position.

We, in the Shoup House, have recently experienced a different kind of parroting. Specifically the "eye witness account" type of parenting. I'm rubbing my hands and cackling with glee because I am, by far, the more pious parent (stop laughing, stop laughing right now!) while my husband is the more off-color one. I expect to be entertained, courtesy of KIC, with his antics for YEARS to come. We were on our way to school when this little nugget was revealed.

KIC: "The other day, my daddy had to go potty extremely bad." As my husband is nicknamed Tiny Bladder Boy and family trips are often scheduled around his need to stop, this did not come as a surprise.
Me: "Oh yeah?"
KIC: "Yes, he was running out of time!!"
Me: "Oh no!"
KIC: "He almost had to go potty in the street!"
Me: "Oh gosh!! Where did he eventually go potty?"
KIC: *dripping with condescension* "In.the.potty" Because, come on, isn't that where EVERYBODY goes?

A follow up call to Brent confirmed this story. I have HIT the jackpot for blackmail material courtesy of KIC!! Keep my toys this year, Santa, I have all I need.

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