Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's like watching a train wreck

We are very blessed to have KIC in a daycare that hosts "Parents' Night Out" once a month. KIC specifically requested to participate this month, which is A-ok by me. Tonight, we were discussing what Mommy and Daddy were going to do while she was at PNO. She very graciously let me know it was okay if daddy and I stayed home. I told her we were going to be having a conversation with Santa. "At the North Pole?" she asked. "That's right, Santa is at the North Pole." KIC took this to mean we were going to the North Pole. "Okay, but I need to change into my blue dress and then I can come with you to talk to Santa." "Katie Mary, we're not-" "Wait for me, k? I just need my blue dress and then I can tell Santa I want a Barbie and Rango and then he can tell you what I want." "Katie Mary, Mommy and Daddy aren't - " "And I won't go to Parents Night Out and I'll wear my blue dress and we'll go see Santa.". *sigh*. "Okay, baby. If we go to the North Pole to see Santa, we'll take you with us."

Honest to goodness, I used to be the queen of witty repartee. What the heck happened to me? If you need me, I'll be in the corner, working on my conversational conducting skills.

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Difference2This1 said...

Thanks for leaving a comment ref. PODD book usage on my blog. I appreciate the input as we work to figure out how to use this at home!!! :)