Monday, May 5, 2008

Roll over, Beethoven!!

Well, okay, not Beethoven, but Kaitlyn did two flips from back to tummy this weekend. She gets a little frustrated as this then means some self-induced tummy time, but bygones! Brent and I realized that this means she'll be crawling in no time and started looking around the house to see what needed to be baby-proofed. Wonder if the dogs can be wrapped in bubble wrap. The cats won't be much of an issue as they are already used to being kicked by me and by Kaitlyn. They will tolerate anything as long as there's still a warm place for them to sleep at night!

So, this weekend was a busy one. Our household grew by four, courtesy of a Chocolate and her kittens - Caramel, Nougat and Peanut. I don't anticipate they'll be around for long as they are all very cute and very sweet. Currently they are quarantined until I make sure they are disease free. I think they'll probably stay quarantined as Chocolate doesn't seem very fond of dogs. I brought Sunshine down to meet them and it went better than expected, but still not very well. I can't imagine how Chocolate will do with all four dogs, especially since Gordon seems predisposed to chase cats.

I had a race this weekend and came in second. I was pretty happy with my performance and hope to maintain that level throughout the season. I think not being pregnant will help with that! Hopefully Brent and Kaitlyn will be able to make it out to the next event as I think some of my fellow racers are starting to doubt that I really had a baby!! Understandable as I have my svelte figure back....NOT!

So I'm getting ready to celebrate my first REAL mother's day ever. Kind of surreal, actually. I'm a mom! When did that happen? Either way, as if the universe didn't know it already, that makes Kaitlyn extra super special as she's the one who made me a mom. Nobody else will ever be able to say that. Thanks, Kaitlyn! I accept the responsibility gladly. I love ya bebe child!

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