Monday, July 12, 2010

Just another weekend in the Shoup House

Last weekend, Brent went to Ohio to attend a surprise celebration for his grandmother's 90th birthday. For various reasons, I was not able to attend and it was determined that it would be too difficult for Brent to take Kaitlyn on a 16 hour round trip car ride all by himself. That meant mommy and me time all weekend! We had a ton of stuff to get accomplished while daddy was gone and Kaitlyn was a trouper through it all. She charmed the pants off the florist, who told me I needed to let her play with more stuff in the store. Very few shopkeepers say that, so while I appreciated the sentiment, there were a LOT of breakables. Like half a year's salary worth of breakables. We did a lot of running around outside to preserve mommy's bank account.

While we were "shopping" at the florist, Valentino was having a spa treatment. Kaitlyn was very upset about leaving 'Tino behind and 'Tino, in turn, was upset about being left behind. After his spa treatment, 'Tino leapt into the truck with all the grace an almost 60 lb beagle can have (he'll tell you it's all muscle, I say he should stop camping out around Kaitlyn's table), Kaitlyn said "BoTino all done shower?" I mean honestly! How smart is she??

After picking up 'Tino, we went to Petsmart to meet a lady who was interested in an elderly cat I rescued last year. It was love at first sight for which I'm eternally grateful because he has waited a long time for his forever home. Kaitlyn was awesome, as usual, so I told her we'd go to the movies and eat cake after her nap. It would be Kaitlyn's first trip to the movies and I was excited! What she remembered though, was the cake. So upon waking up, her first words were "I have cake??" I managed to gloss over that part and get her to eat her dinner with minimal fuss. Once we were done, off we went to the 6:40 showing of Toy Story 3. We got there right as the previews were going on, so the dark theatre and noises scared her. I managed to get her in and get her seated on my lap. I can't begin to describe her excitement and joy when Buzz came on screen. It was like she realized I wasn't showing a complete lack of intelligence taking her to this random dark room, there was a purpose! At one point, the screen went black and she said "NO!" It was cute.

On our way out to the parking lot, the theme for the weekend emerged. She looked at me and said "I likea da Buzzzz!" I don't think I've laughed that hard, well, ever! All the way home "I likea da Buuuuuuzzzzz!" When we got home, we called Daddy to tell him "I likea da Buzzzzzzzzz!"

The final cute Kaitlyn story happened on Sunday when we went to the cat adoption event. There was a quite a bit of yowling on our way to the event. It was a little overwhelming in the car. Kaitlyn kept channeling mommy and saying "I know, I know, shhhhhhhhh, I know, I know". You could tell she was over it by the time we got to the event. When we started offloading the kitties, Kaitlyn was FINALLY able to watch "The Backyardigans" with no kitty interference. However, once we got in the store, my usually shy child would tell ANYONE who would listen "Kitty need a HOME." Many people thought this was the most adorable thing they've ever heard, but I truly suspect she had ulterior motives! "Get the cats out of my house so I don't have to be bothered when watching TV...kthxbye!"

I don't know if it's apparent, but I love that little girl!

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ferfischer said...

I'm impressed! Did she make it through the whole movie? We JUST took Max to his first movie (Toy Story 3, too) and he's 4.5! Maybe I shoudl be more brave with Penny.