Friday, October 15, 2010

What's yours is mine, but what's mine is NOT yours

Daily, I'm reminded of how dumb my toddler thinks I am. I require constant explanation for things a person with even minimal intelligence would not. Today is a classic example. I am putting on her clothes. She says "My unnerwear." I playfully say "No, MY unnerwear." This goes back and forth a couple of times until the underwear is successfully in place. Kaitlyn stands up on her turn to say "No, MY unnerwear" and pats my butt instead and says "Dis Mommy's unnerwear." That pretty effectively ended THAT game.

Of course, some of the stuff TIC comes up with is downright cute. We are working on her saying "Excuse me" instead of "MOVE!" I find it to be a polite way to achieve the same effect as "MOVE!" Especially with the animals, when accompanied by a subtle nudge, the desired result is obtained. TIC, however, has made a new phrase that she thinks is far more effective. Instead of saying "Excuse me!", she will say "Move me, Tino!" And the speech mistakes are adorable! "Weabe it awone!" (leave it alone). Very cute, but definitely makes us realize we perhaps use that phrase a little too much! Amazing what kids pick up!

Tomorrow we're going to paint pottery with a friend and her son, who happens to be one day older than TIC. Here's hoping that we come out the same color we started (no red, purple or blue please) and that we'll be invited back. :)

Have a great weekend!

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