Wednesday, January 4, 2012

If it ain't broke...

... don't try to fix it!

I read a post at that really struck a chord with me. In a nutshell, she's talking about her son's educational future and some of the challenges they face with her son's autism. In it, she says: "so we keep chugging along and showing up and doing everything we possibly can to help, to guide, to aid.

But not to "fix."

Because you can't fix something that isn't broken. And my child is not, and never has been, broken."

I think, as parents, we should all take this view. Challenging? Absolutely. Maddening? You're not doing it right if your child doesn't drive you mad every once in awhile. Lucky to escape with lives (and hair) intact? Well, that's a post for another day, but the point is, no matter what teachers or doctors or family and friend say, you should never view your child as "broken." Embrace them, embrace how they are different and spend less time trying to "fix" what isn't "broken." Guide them instead. Guide them towards spirituality, morality and confident self-awareness. You'll spend less time worrying about how they measure up to their peers, or whether or not they are where they should be developmentally and be able to make room for things that are more important - the child themselves.

Just a public service announcement from your not-so-famous Aunt Kelly.

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