Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Nobody knows you"

It's no secret that since the arrival of NannyK, KIC has had numerous outings.  Many of the outings are enrichment related and as I am often updated with pictures, I am able to live vicariously through KIC.  However, about once every couple of weeks, KIC and NannyK visit one of our area's finer eating establishments as NannyK has familial ties to said establishment.  As a result of these visits, KIC has become rather well known, and dare I say, popular amongst the staff.  The restaurant has become a sort of Cheers like establishment for KIC.  It should be noted that KIC made several visits before her parents set foot there.   Brent and I have rectified that situation, and have started celebrating special occasions there.  A recent experience was mediocre, a fact that NannyK relayed to folks in the head office.  The following is an paraphrased excerpt from my conversation with NannyK:

NannyK:  Apparently, there have been some issues with the server you had and the head manager was very displeased.  She said "This happened to Kaitlyn's mom???"

Me:  So, when I go in, should I just identify myself as Kaitllyn's mom?  Well, maybe not since the night  staff may not not Kaitlyn.

NannyK:  Well, it couldn't hurt.

KIC:  Mom, you went to xx establishment?

Me:  Yes.

KIC:  Nobody knows eatyou there, they only know me.  

I always knew there would be a time when I would be seen as not as cool as my child.  I just didn't know it would happen when she was four.  However, if dropping my kid's name gets me rock star status by proxy, best believe, I'm gonna work it!  

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