Friday, May 7, 2010

Who's in charge here?

Early wake ups. We've all been there. The ones where you groan, roll over and hope the crying baby is either a) a figment of your imagination or b) part of your dream (nightmare, same thing). When you realize that it is a part of your reality and you need to address it posthaste, then there are delusions of delaying the inevitable. This was the scene in my house this morning.

6:15 am Toddler in Chief wakes up sobbing. As she had woken up twice in the middle in much the same state, I got up and rushed down the hall to see what was wrong. No obvious damage to the furniture, so I'm thinking she wants some snuggle time. Trying to delay the inevitable, I enticed her with a "Hey, Kaitlyn, wanna get in Mommy and Daddy's bed?" She snagged her blanket and off we went.

6:20 am Well, that was fun and very short lived. Kaitlyn is no longer content to be in mommy and daddy's bed and would rather be back in her own. Awesome. The sleep fairy smiles contentedly upon us and I look forward to returning to bed.

6:21 am SIKE! We're back in mommy and daddy's room, in mommy and daddy's bed with TIC screaming "DON'T WANT" when I try to cover her up with our covers.

6:25 am TIC has had enough and gets out of bed. I pleadingly ask her if she would like to get back in bed. "All done nigh night, Momma, ALL DONE!" Even I can take a hint. I ask one more time if she wants in mommy and daddy's bed and hold out my hand. At this point she attempts to pull the covers off and pull me out of bed. She gives up and goes to her room saying something about "I NOT!" I groan and sink back into the pillows.

6:27 am "Momma?? Mommaaaaaaaaaaaaa? MOMMA??? 'ere ARE youuuuuuuuuuuuu?? Momma??" I thought this was just a game at first but quickly realized she really didn't know where I was! I mumble "Kaitlyn" and she has just discovered the greatest toy ever!

6:32 am I'm up. I'm done, we're done, we're going downstairs.

So, between this morning and Kaitlyn trying to make sure I got dressed in a timely fashion yesterday, it's clear that if TIC wasn't around, MIC (Mom in charge for those unfamiliar with the "lingo") would get nothing done.

I am happy to report that I completed all 39.3 miles (and then some probably...I think the hills of Georgetown should count for double distance) this weekend. I had some great motivational support from my walking partner. I did not come out of the weekend unscathed...I have a "soft tissue" injury (ie We don't know what you did but we're sure it hurts) that is on the mend. It was a scorcher both days, but it was for an excellent cause and I'm glad I did it. When you walk and you see the survivors of breast cancer walking with you, it's a pretty awesome feeling.

This weekend is Mother's Day. Make sure you give thanks to the good Lord in heaven above for the mother that brought you into this world. She may not be around, she may be in the next town, but no matter what, you wouldn't be here today without her. Shout out to the MOMS!!!

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