Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mommy's, Daddy's and Baby's

Well, those of you who have children know that the first two don't really apply. In the eyes of the child, it is ALL theirs. As sweet and nice as she is, Toddler in Chief is a strong supporter of the "MINE" principle. Especially when it is in her principle residence.

Some examples to support my statement:
Conversation while on the potty:
TIC: "My towel"
Mommy: "Okay. "
TIC: "My potty"
Mommy: "Okay."
(this is the part where mommy starts egging Toddler in Chief on)
Mommy: "My 'Tino"
TIC: "No, MY 'Tino"
Mommy: "My 'Tino"
TIC: "MY TINO!" She proceeds to lay a hand possessively on 'Tino who is oblivious.
Back and forth three times more
Mommy: "My Wellie."
TIC shakes her head and says something to the effect of I can have Wellie cuz she doesn't like her anyway (That was my interpretation...take it as you will)

Second incident:
Mommy has a ring box at toddler eye level (which will be rectified TONIGHT) that has been the source of debate as to the rightful owner. In it, I keep several rings and a couple pairs of earrings. TIC pretty much has access to anything in the bathroom while I get ready in the morning and today was no exception. We are all set, ready to walk out of the house when Kaitlyn starts to load up her "BOCKPOCK" (backpack for those of you not familiar with the TIC lingo). Once she has loaded up the items from the family room that she felt were essential for Ms. Lida's, she started emptying her pockets. Guess what was in her pockets? Yup, all of my rings and half of each set of earrings. She was just going to take them to Ms. Lida's with her. When I snatched them up from the floor where she had dropped them, the ensuing "My rings" "Mommy's rings" conversation ended with me as victor and TIC in meltdown mode. All I could think was, we moved up from the penny ante stuff (change from someone else's house) to full blown HEIST in the span of a couple of weeks. What do you do with that kind of talent???? Thinkin' a trip to Tiffany might be in order!

This is my last post before the Avon Breast Cancer walk. Daddy and bebe are on their own once again, but this time, they can come cheer mommy on! YEAY! Wish me luck, peeps! I'm gonna need it. I got all the tools, it's time to put my mouth (and legs) where the money is! If you haven't already added me, follow me on Twitter so you can catch all the hilarity.

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