Thursday, April 22, 2010


Nothing too exciting to report other than I felt like the last post didn't cover enough of the whole family. It's just we're so boring!

Brent is doing well. For those of you who don't know, he retires from the Army National Guard in June. 22 years of service to the National Guard. Just thinking about that kind of commitment is making my hands sweat! Anyway, I'm so proud of him I could bust a button! Lifetime commissary privileges, here we come!!!

Kaitlyn continues to awe and amaze her parents. She's so tall! And so cute! And so smart! I know that parents say the same thing about their kids, but really, she is super smart. Next hurdle to tackle will be potty training. I *think* she gets it, but mostly she just likes to sit on her potty and hang out. 'Tino usually joins us so she winds up talking to him and trying to get his attention. For his part, he guards the door from intruders (because, of course, potty time is sacred) and ignores her. But it's a ritual and we all enjoy it! She's heavily into Curious George (have you watched it lately? Seriously, the adults around him have lost their minds! "George, you mind the store while I go get more supplies." A monkey??? minding a store??? I give up), jewelry, purses and her mommy and daddy. She's got her favorite boys (Josh and Jeremy) and her favorite girls (Emma and Anna Joe (though the feeling isn't mutual on AJ's part)), her favorite fish (Nemo) and her favorite monster (Elmo). She loves it when the dogs play around her and loves to play with the kittens at adoption days. If you have done something she doesn't approve of, she'll wag her finger, shake her head and jabber at you until she feels like you've gotten it. She's the apple of her daddy's eye and the center of her momma's universe and that's the way she likes it!

The pets are the pets. Tempers flare, teeth get bared, feelings get hurt and then we move on. Mostly Brent and I look at each other and say "Do you know what that was all about??" "I don't know (said in a resigned tone)" "Yeah, well, it's over, so I guess we're good". "Yup, guess so." Sunshine's had a rough go of it lately, so there may be a trip to the internist in our future. Gotta love canine diabetus.

I continue to pound the pavement in search of a job that makes lots of money with very little work on my part. Haha! Not entirely true. Some significant nibbles recently, so we'll see what the universe brings my way. This weekend I'm going to have a mini vacay (in the form of a wholesale abandonment of the Shoup House) visiting Terri in Knoxvegas, TN. Looking forward to seeing her new house and seeing TN in the spring. Almost as much as I'm looking forward to a trip to L'il Dollys. Need a quilt? Hit me up!

Next weekend, as I mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing the Avon 2 day walk. Thanks so much for all the donations. I really can't express just how much I appreciate the love and support. In preparation for the walk, I have my stuff all packed! HA! Just kidding. Those of you who know me well were probably shocked to your core! In true Kelly Anne Hughes Shoup fashion, I still have a lot of things to get settled before the event. HOWEVER, I took care of a major component which is the communication portion. I signed up for Twitter (hence the title). I'm Czech it out if you tweet yo!

That's all for now folks! See you when I get back from the bible belt!

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