Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Growing up, I had an Uncle Sonny whose nickname for me was "Criminal." When visiting my mother's parents, we had a penny ante game we played called Michigan Rummy. When all was said and done and it was time to close out the game, whatever money was left went to the person with the best poker hand (I am certain that this is what started my poker playing). The max you were looking at was $5, if that, but that's a lot of pennies! I wouldn't say I regularly won, but I won enough that Uncle Sonny gave me the "Criminal" moniker. It's kind of a family legend to be honest and a title I wear proudly, as odd as that may sound.

Fast forward to the present. Kaitlyn and I had a long weekend filled with a lot of activities last weekend. From soccer games, to shopping, to visiting with friends, we were joined at the hip (yup, you guessed it, Brent had military duty). Kaitlyn weathered most of the whirlwind weekend very very well, especially considering on at least one of the days, she had no nap. During our outings, we stopped by my friend Heather's house. Heather has two girls which equals a lot of fun toys for Kaitlyn. I told Kaitlyn it was time to go and got distracted. I turned back to see why Kaitlyn wasn't leaving with me only to see her furiously stuffing the money she found amongst the toys in her pocket!!! Heather saw it too and said it was fine. We got home and counted the booty and Kaitlyn had appropriated 80 cents!!! She later gave her daddy 30 cents, which I grumbled about. I was the one that drove her to and from the heist! I should have been the one to get the cut, not daddy!! Now I've got my own little "criminal".

I'm less than two weeks away from the Avon 2 day! Lots of preparation and training left to do. I haven't made the time to do a long distance walk, so we'll see what kind of shape I'm in after the walk!! Wish me luck cuz lord knows, I'm gonna need it!

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