Monday, April 5, 2010

Poker, puppies and picking up eggs

We had a fabulous weekend in the Shoup House (I use that a lot cuz it rhymes). Saturday was kicked off with a community Easter egg hunt. The community separates the egg hunt in two age categories: 3 and under and 4-8. I am glad because it takes a lot of the pressure off of the kids to compete. Our initial strategy was to have Kaitlyn and mommy conduct the search while the paparazzi (daddy) took pictures. At the last minute, the Todder in Chief decided she wanted daddy to help with the search. Mommy was relegated to taking pictures. I gave daddy the strategy I overheard while waiting in line: Go straight for the middle cuz you'll get more eggs. You can't see it in the picture above, but the strategy netted at least 20 eggs. Toddler in Chief's general attitude was one of puzzlement: why would anybody randomly drop a bunch of eggs on the lawn and why in the WORLD does she have to pick them up?? Once we left the hunt and started checking out what was in the eggs, it suddenly made sense...there was CANDY in the eggs! I think next year, we'll have a couple of dry runs so she understands the importance of candy gathering. Momma needs her sugar fix! ;-)
To show respect for this blessed weekend (Christ was resurrected after all), I hosted a ladies poker night! To be honest, I didn't really relate the weekend to the event, other that it was one of a few Saturday nights I had free! A good time was had by all and the winner took home $70! Not bad for a first time event. Maybe it will grow in popularity and the prizes will get even bigger!
We had visitors in the form of puppies all weekend. It was a great diversion during breaks on Saturday night, but overall, I'm relieved that they are back in their regularly scheduled foster home. Somehow, it's more daunting to take care of neonate puppies than actual human infants. More mouths to feed? I dunno. I just don't have a knack for puppies. However, in 8 and a half weeks, there will be four ADORABLE puppies available for adoption! Spread the word!
Sunday was a nice quiet day. Toddler in Chief discovered the Easter basket the Easter bunny left her and opened the eggs the Easter bunny forgot to hide. (better luck next year, Easter bunny). Kaitlyn and daddy planted a tomato plant of her very own and generally had a lazy day. Mommy and Kaitlyn went for a 6 mile walk (two hours Kaitlyn tolerated in the stroller very well) and came home to a wonderful ham dinner. All in all a lovely Easter weekend with wonderful weather and a beautiful family! Hope everyone's Easter weekend was just as lovely!

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