Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bbbbaaaaaaaaad....Bad to the bone

What can I say? My daughter is bad to the bone! And too cool for her parents!

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Chasing after a toddler, prepping for the Avon Two day, saving neonate there anything this mom can't do?? Oh yeah, sleep! Who needs sleep??

This weekend is Easter. We plan on doing our first REAL Easter egg hunt with other kids. We'll see how well daddy handles that. Generally speaking, when there's kids and chaos, daddy's not very happy. Plus, we're losing our number two bodyguard as Chris is going down to Virginia Beach to visit mom and dad for Easter. We'll just have to provide a ton of pictures!

As for the neonate puppies, I'm sure you're wondering if I broke my Lenten promise to not take in any new animals. To that I say, technically, no. LOL I've been babysitting them off and on since last week, but we've secured fosters for the remaining 4, so I think we're out of the woods both for fosters and for the health of the puppies. Not sure why someone would dump a box of two day old puppies at the shelter, but I'm glad Sharon Huber picked them up. I know a few people who couldn't imagine their life without these pups. :)

Happy Easter every one! Remember, if I don't answer your phone call, it's cuz I'm in a chocolate coma!!!

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