Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 is the new 12

Well, last week, Kaitlyn started her new daycare. It's been rough for both mommy and baby. Kaitlyn misses Lida and it shows. I think she misses the comfort of Lida and the kids at Lida's. Once I leave, Kaitlyn is fine and settles into the daily routine. How do I know this? It's got webcam!! And my productivity shows it. LOL

Kaitlyn does know when we are going to "'cool" as opposed to Lida's now and will ask to go to Lida's. This is how the conversation went this morning:
"I want Lida's"
"No Lida's baby, okaaay?"
"Okay." sniffle...
"Momma, I want shopping."
"Baby, you want shopping?"
"Yeah" (all pitiful like)
"Okay, we'll go after school, okay?"
Kaitlyn sees we are turning into the school and starts sobbing.
"What kind of shopping do you want to do? Food or clothes?"
"Okay, baby, clothes shopping."
By this time, we had arrived at the school and the crying stopped until we reached the classroom. My crying started once I left. If she's this into shopping at 2, what are we going to do when she's 12 and actually has an opinion on what she wears??? Momma is in a whole heap of trouble!

Some exciting news on the Brent front. After this weekend and an obligatory Christmas dinner in December, no more military obligations for him! It's weird to be discussing retirement when you're not yet 40, but there you have it. We're both excited to put military obligations behind us and not have to worry about scheduling around military weekends. Now...about that "honey do" list....;-)

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