Thursday, June 17, 2010

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So, how do you teach a two year old that it's important to share, but then tell her that she should keep her stinky, yucky cold germs to herself? You can't. They aren't old enough to make the distinction. Which is how mommy is a heckuva mess and TIC is off playing happily with her friends. That's right, momma is sick, TIC is fine and daddy is apparently immune. Despite my best efforts to breathe all over daddy, he's been able to skate by without so much as a sniffle! Lucky lucky man.

Cute little Kaitlyn-ism. With the school and the interactive singing and playing that they do, Kaitlyn has been singing more nursery rhymes. I guess a fan favorite at school is "The Wheels on the Bus." Stubborn, just like her momma, Kaitlyn won't sing on cue, but if you're listening very carefully and very closely you'll hear:

uppydown, uppydown, UPpydown
mumblemumble mumble
all tru da towwwwwwwn"

Our next stop will be on "America's Got Talent" cuz clearly, American ain't seen nothing like my kid!!

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