Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catch up

Happy holidays! We here at the Shoup house hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. This Christmas season has been...eventful to say the least. I suppose it's been a perfect culmination of a year that has oftentimes been the perfect storm.

I have started my fancy gov'ment job in DC. Chantilly to DC is a pretty long haul, but the Loudoun County buses make my life tons easier. I even get naps twice a day! However, I have added commuting to my list of hobbies! The job is interesting with tons of unexpected perks. I've already met a quasi-famous political figure and take great joy in googling other big names that I hear. I'm sure I'll know what's going on by the time I retire in 30 years.

TIC is racing towards her third birthday. She's already head and shoulders above many of her classmates in height. Her legs have started to grow to match her torso and the result is a little girl who no longer looks like a toddler and more resembles a little girl. *sigh* Where did those three years go??

In the transition from baby *sob* to preschooler *shock and awe*, TIC has grown into typical little girl interests, despite my best intentions. My family and close friends will all tell you that when I found out I was having a girl, I was INSISTENT that there would be NO pink. Now, it's hard to find something that's NOT pink in her wardrobe!!! And the gifts for Christmas! PINK everywhere. And Barbie stuff too! Her favorite gifts were her Barbie Jeep and her Barbie vet set. She got a puppy in a bag that needs to be cared for. On Christmas morning, as she had her "puppy purse" in her pink Jeep, she looked like a tiny replica of Paris Hilton, sans suspicious "white powder".

TIC recently received a well loved pony replica. Mommy found it on freecycle and POUNCED! Miss Sarah gave Buttercup one of her pink and white dressage ribbons and TIC was over the moon. She rides her pony every day and loves it. I thought it was going to be a toy that was fun for like five minutes and then she'd be done. I was oh so wrong. So, I see some fur real pony rides in her future, for sure. Still waiting for her to decide hunter/jumper or dressage, but I'm trying to be patient. She's got at least another six months before she needs to decide. Who knows, with her love for Woody, she may surprise me and choose barrel racing. We are currently looking into schools where she can take her horse with her...*snicker* In all seriousness, Daddy is considering getting a saddle and bridle for this "toy pony." Nope, we ain't crazy in the Shoup house at all.

Looking forward to a quiet New Year's and a quiet 2011 for that matter. Minus that whole training for the Avon Two Day in Boston. I know, I know, I bring it all on myself. Wishing you a happy New Year as well! See ya in 2011!

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