Thursday, June 9, 2011

This and That

Once again, it has been a long time since my last blog. Our days, nights, weeks, weekends, months, years remain a blur of constant activity. Instead of stringing paragraphs together, I'll try to condense life at the Shoup house in bullets:

- I neglected to thank my husband and daughter for their incredible support during my second Breast Cancer walk endeavor. Giving up time with me is no small feat, especially given how much fun it is to hang with the famjam. They'll never truly know how much their love and support mean to me, but it's important that I acknowledge their sacrifices in conjunction with mine.

- KIC has gone three months without an ear infection, which is a huge blessing and in large part to her last surgery. We had a follow up with the ENT who said Kaitlyn's ears looked great. We were not able to get her hearing tested as her utter disdain for someone outside her inner circle makes any kind of interaction difficult, but we're working on it.

- May was a busy month in terms of actual and potential animal adoptions. The nearly drowned kitten, Olivia, went to a wonderful home that loves and adores her already. Jade, our older foster kitty went home with a college student that couldn't wait to dote on her. Pistol Annie will soon be going to her forever home, provided she gets along with the resident cat (though I don't know that you can call him a house cat since he weighs 30 lbs) with my parents. Annie needs a lot of TLC and I know that my mom can give her all the attention she deserves, so I'm very excited about this! Last but not least, our very own Mayhem is going to his potential forever home for a two week trial this Friday. We wish he and his new family much success. They can't wait to take him sailing with them on their boat and given his real name, this is fitting for him. Here's hoping they don't go on a misguided "three hour tour." ;-)

- Brent completed a very difficult trail marathon in preparation for his 50 mile marathon this upcoming fall. He was very pleased with his time, and in true "iron man" fashion, he left the race and went to work until 2 am that same night. But he got a cool shirt out of the deal! ;-)

- KIC continues to tell anyone who will listen about her sister at home. Sometimes she mixes it up and throws a brother into the mix, but she's consistent about having a sibling at home. Since I was recently advised not to drink the water at a certain establishment I frequent (day care) due to the sheer number of people who are pregnant, I don't think KIC's prophecy will be fulfilled any time soon.

That's all for now. More on the black hole that my life has become later! Stay hydrated. 103 degrees in DC today! Shoooooooooo buddy!

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AmericnJewl said...

Miss ya kells... wish I could have heard about all this in person!