Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clear Da House!

Hello, bloggie readers, 'BoTino here. Confused as to which Shoup animal I am? Allow me to illustrate:

The Cute One

That's right, I'm the cute one in the Shoup House. My mom thinks so too. She whispers it in my ear every day so the others don't get jealous. That's my sidekick, KIC, in the picture with me. I am one of many furry kids my parents have saved. Believe it or not, several families passed me up because I once bit a kid in self-defense. As you can see, I love my new kid and I know my new kid loves me. She's the one who gave me the rather undignified name of BoTino. To be honest, Valentino doesn't really suit me as I'm a country boy with simple pleasures. My Uncle Dick sez you can measure how much a family loves their furry kids by the number of nicknames the family has for the furry kid. With the exception of the names my mommy uses when I go on my solo neighborhood jaunts, you can tell my family really loves me.

But enough about me. My family has a big heart for homeless animals. If you ask me, it might be a little too big. I mean, really, do we need cats?? But I digress. We have two animals living with us that need some help, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Shadoe is a classic example of my mommy's big heart. She leapt before she looked and now we have this feral kitty. The good news is that this kitty, who has been so unhappy in our home, has a forever home lined up for her where she will live in a barn with all the mice she can possible chase and a feline companion to join her in pursuit of controlling the rodent population. We need to raise money for her spay and vaccines so she can go to this forever home. To be honest, she terrifies me, so the sooner we can get her out, the better I'll sleep at night. Well, that's my story anyway. To hear me snore, you'd know I sleep quite well...

Chief is another classic example of my mommy's big heart. I would prefer not to have any competition when stealing KIC's food, but that's just me. I'm told (roll eyes) that Chief is a good boy. I think he's a bed hogging, food stealing, toy snitching pain in the...I shall remain genteel about Chief. Chief has some significant issues that mom and dad have tried to work with, but now the time has come for some outside help. The other dogs and I are crossing our paws that this works so that he can get adopted and we can have more room to stretch out on the bed (an increase in the bone allowance wouldn't hurt either). Mom said the trainer makes no promises, but I sure do hope it works. Mom has done so much for so many dogs (me included) that I'd love to see the light come back in her eyes.

Your contributions towards clearing the Shoup House getting these animals into their forever homes are tax deductible and much appreciated. For everyone who makes a contribution, I'll include an autographed picture of me and KIC to show our appreciation. Who doesn't love a picture of a beagle and a cute kid??? Thank you from the bottom of my beagle heart, and from my mommy's heart too. And while I'm asking for favors, can you please pray mommy doesn't find out I can type? I dread the administrative work she will have me do once she sees this blog!

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