Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liking the idea of ice cream

You could be thinking right now that the idea of ice cream is like being a little bit pregnant. You're either all in and eating it, or you're unAmerican. What's not to like about ice cream? The way it gets all melty and smooth? The sprinkles you can drown your ice cream in? The caramel sauce and whip cream you can put on top of your sundae? Forget like, what's not to LOVE about ice cream? You can even make it red, white and blue and be all patriotic and whatnot! Well, you obviously haven't met KIC.

KIC likes the idea of ice cream. An ice cream social was cancelled at her school recently and KIC's sadness could be felt from blocks away. Daddy took her to get ice cream that night anyway, thinking that having ice cream she was promised all day would help with the disappointment. KIC was so excited! ICE CREAM! WE'RE GONNA GET SOME! RIGHT NOW! (picture happy ice cream dance) They got to the store, she placed her order, they sat down all the while she's singing and dancing about her ice cream. "Thank you, Daddy, thank you for my ice cream." She showed the appreciation of someone who had just been given the best news of their lives, so excited was she about her ice cream. When they finally got to the part where she got to eat the ice cream, she ate approximately two bites of her ice cream and then she was done. KIC wasn't upset about missing out on the ice cream, she was upset about missing out on a special event with her friends!!! Eating ice cream with daddy just wasn't the same. Let's face it, ice cream just doesn't get her attention the way a pint of blueberries does.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for a child who chooses healthier options over something like ice cream. More for me! But it breaks my ice cream lovin' heart a little bit each time someone turns to me and says "She doesn't really like ice cream, does she?" and I say, in between bites of her ice cream, "No. No she does not." Just another way to prove that this mom can take one for the team: Team Ice Cream.

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