Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Serendipitous mixing of pronouns

I think I've mentioned before that KIC's language has exploded since her second tube surgery. Like many children her age (I assume), the components of her sentences don't always fall in order. This has very cute results, like when she's asking an animal's name "What her called?" I suppose I should correct her, but it's so cute that I just roll with the flow and give her the answer.

This morning's example is no less adorable and kind of true at the same time. When she woke up and realized I was downstairs, she got very upset at having to navigate the stairs while still sleepy. To try to enlist my help, she said " need me!" Clearly she meant that she needed me, but today she said exactly the right thing: I do need her and while I shouldn't ever need to be reminded of that, sometimes we are told exactly what we need when we needed to hear it the most.

Thanks, KIC, for the reminder. This momma's always going to need you, no matter what.

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