Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy and KIC go ... camping?!?!?

On Friday night, the Shoups did some actual planning and had a wonderful family evening in. Brent pitched the tent in the newly renovated living room, or, "Home Living" as KIC calls it, for he and KIC to "camp out" later. Note that there was no "Shoup Camp Out" mentioned, just Daddy and KIC. When I got home, we had popcorn with cheddar dust sprinkled on it (don't laugh, it's delishious), beverages and settled in to watch a Shoup Family Favorite: "Tangled." KIC was so excited about going camping with her daddy that she was fidgety through the end of the movie. Once the movie was over, Daddy and KIC headed for the tent and I headed to the basement to check on the cats. Apparently, KIC's fidgeting got the best of her (and daddy's patience) so I stepped in and took daddy's place, giving daddy some nice, peaceful rest in the big bed upstairs.

You should know that I detest camping. I am not fond of the vulnerability to wildlife, I'm not fond of dirt in my food and I'm definitely not fond of the hard ground. However, I figured camping indoors was going to help address some of my aversions to nature. This is how the evening went down:

10:00 pm: Lights out. Our treasured hound, 'Tino, was invited to spend the night with us. All other hounds were invited to go elsewhere. Tino, being more enamored with the bone used to lure him in (because the tent was a big hulking creature used to trap and eat beagles), left us to our own devices.
10:05 pm: Bat like creature lands on top of the tent. Much shrieking and giggling ensued when it was realized said bat-like creature was only foster kitty Fatima.
10:10 pm: First plea of "Mommy, I want to go sleep in the kitty room (aka the guest bedroom aka the kitty infirmary hence the permanent title of kitty room). This was prompted by said bat-like creature attacking the shadows in a misguided attempt to "save us all!". I, in my infinite wisdom, implored KIC to continue to camp (yup, that's right, I tore up the get out of jail free card and scoffed at fate).
10:15 pm: Realize Fatima's shadow attacking was getting personal as she was starting to fly RIGHT FOR OUR HEADS! Move closer to the middle of the tent.
10:20 pm: Realize with startling clarity that floor of living room is MUCH harder than ground outside. Start to wonder whose bright idea this was, anyway.
10:25 pm: Notice the sleeping bag is in a weird position logistically that does not cover ample bottom. Steal, I mean share, KIC's princess blanket (don't look at me like that, she had a Dora sleeping bag!!) and fall into a deep and blissful sleep.

Some time in the middle of the night: Wake up after weird Kardashian dreams and realize need to use bathroom. Check on KIC. 'Tino is now where KIC should be.
Me (groggy): "KIC"?
KIC: "HI MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Me (recovering): "KIC, have you slept at all???"
KIC: "NOPE!!!!!"

That's when I gave up the ghost and we went to the kitty room. To KICs credit, if she HAD been up that entire time, at least she had the common decency to let me sleep. However, it was a rough night and by 11:00 ish the next day, we were both in bed to take naps. Daddy was feeling fresh and raring to go all day long while KIC and I both looked at him through bleary, bloodshot eyes. Next time, we'll send daddy to sleep with 'Tino and we'll sleep in the big comfy bed.

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