Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeping the blessings going

If I didn't lose you after my last post, then thank you. If you're interested in hearing how little Katerina is doing then, hopefully by now, you're following The Blessing of Verity. Susanna has alluded to obstacles being moved in trying to get Katerina home sooner than the anticipated four months. Keep sending good thoughts her way so that may happen. In the meantime, Susanna has been able to speak with a caregiver about what Katerina needs and to make arrangements for Katerina to get supplements in her absence. How wonderful that this woman is open to giving Katerina the care she needs while she waits to go home. Not many adoptive families, or orphans for that matter, receive this blessing, so things are definitely working in strange and wonderful ways for Katerina.

While in Katerina's orphanage, Susanna has been overcome with emotion for the other orphans whose condition is very similar to Katerina's. There are eleven on Katerina's floor. The wonderful news is that four orphans now have families committed to adopting them. Seven more still need families to commit, so please, spread the word. One of the orphans with a committed family is Liliana. Liliana is 11 years old and weighs 10 lbs. She needs a miracle as much as, if not more than, Katerina.

Her family is in the very beginning stages of the adoption process and need mountains moved to be able to get to Liliana in time. To give you some perspective of how tiny Liliana is, the upper portion of her arm measures 3" in circumference. A woman with a huge heart for orphans is raising the funds needed to bring Liliana home. If you'd like to donate, then you get entered to win some pretty cool prizes. Here's the link to Adeye's blog post about fundraising for Liliana: Adeye's blog

I know that Susanna is taking advantage of her time in Katerina's country to change perceptions about Down Syndrome and open doors to adopting children with DS. Please send her good thoughts that she may move the hearts needed to end the suffering of these children. Please also use this as a reminder that kids with disabilities of all types have feelings and need love, just like the rest of us. Advocate in any way that you feel comfortable with. You may think it won't make a difference, but it definitely makes a difference to this one:

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