Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Spiritual Journey??

DH and I both grew up in spiritual households.  My mom, brother and I attended church fairly regularly until I hit my rebellious teens, and DH's family is all kinds of spiritual.  I think it comes with having a dad who was once a children's evangelical minister.  DH and I are at fairly opposite ends of the Christianity spectrum with our religious preferences.  I am very firmly Catholic and he is pretty comfortable being a Protestant of some flavor or another.  KIC was baptized in the Catholic church more out of tradition on my part than any real wont to have her follow Catholicism.  All this to say, the Shoups don't really attend church regularly.  And by regularly, I mean at all. 

KIC has started to express some interest in Christianity as a principle.  Her favorite Christmas decorations feature baby Jesus.  When she and NannyK attended ICE! at the Gaylord National Harbor (not a plug, I promise, it's all done now), she clapped at the icy baby Jesus display.  "Icy baby Jesus" is now a phrase in our household as a result.  So, when I asked her if she wanted to attend church on Christmas, I was not surprised to receive an emphatic yes. 

Due to circumstances beyond our control (ie not knowing the schedule), we missed mass on Christmas with a promise to attend the following Sunday.  There was all kinds of build up for the mass.  You can't talk during mass, we will learn about Jesus and the word of God, etc etc etc.  All good in theory.  It was the mechanics that threw K for a loop.  I think maybe she thought we would go in, read the bible and get the heck out of dodge.

Here is a rundown of the mass from KIC's perspective:

Entrance of the priest:  Who is coming?  Why do I have to stand for him?  No thanks, I'd rather sit down.
Kneeler in the pew:  Perfect foot rest.  She wasn't sure at all why it was there if not to use as a foot rest.  The bruises on my shins are a testament to whispered arguments discussions as to why it was NOT appropriate to pull down the kneeler as a foot rest and why a kneeler in its upright position is a perfectly acceptable foot rest. 
Songs/Singing:  Hated it.  She was sobbing hysterically as I sang the Christmas hymns associated with the day's mass.  Never mind the fact that we had been singing them NOT TWO DAYS PRIOR in the car. Maybe my singing in the car is less awful than my singing in church?  Dunno, but now I have a complex as the crying magically stopped once my singing stopped.
Praying:  Apparently, praying is also cause for hysterics as KIC was not ever, nope never, praying in church.  Ever.  Guess the prayers she asks for before we eat dinner are still okay.
Communion:  This is where the quote of the day comes in:  "Mommy, I do NOT want COOKIES and WATER!!!!"  Nevermind the fact that communion wafers are not cookies, I think this is the first time in her life EVER she has refused a cookie.
Returning to church:  When asked if she was interested in going again, KIC said "only if there's no singing."  Apparently, KIC prefers that church not feed you or be any modicum of fun.

Guess we'll continue to be spiritual at home.  I will however keep this in mind next time I need some entertainment in church.

Happy New Year from the Shoup family to yours! 

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