Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mini Me

It's no secret to anybody that KIC is a near perfect physical replica of her dad and a near perfect attitude replica of me.  It was clear from the womb (!!!!) who she was going to favor (though he tried to make me feel better by denying it until she was three months old).  I mean, friends and family could see who she would favor physically!  Most people look at ultrasound pictures and go "Oh, hey, that's a really cute...blob."  My friend Terri, being the astute woman she is, said to me, after seeing the ultrasound picture "She's going to look like Brent, but you know she is going to be just like you, right?"  And she was right.  It doesn't make the "mirror moments" any less shocking, however. 

Once such moment caused me to laugh so loud, I embarassed my soon to be teenager.  I plan to practice all the mom mortification moments I can between now and the time she has her own teenage daughter.


KIC has just finished her swim lesson and has to go to the bathroom, as one does after swim.  She comes out of the stall, struggling to pull up her swim bottoms. 

Me:  KIC, you don't have to pull those up.
KIC:  I don't?
Me:  No, you're just going to change into dry clothes anyway.
KIC (with a sly, sideways glance and a big grin):  Amen, to that brother!
Me (raucous laughter reverberating around the locker room)
KIC:  MOM!!!!  You're too loud!

If she thinks I'm loud now, wait until she has to walk across the stage for some school achievement!  That'll show her!

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