Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curse you Wiggles!

Many people know that we are blessed with a child who loves to sleep in. It's not uncommon for her to sleep until 8:30 am. I often take advantage of this and sleep in myself. I was looking forward to sleeping until at least 8 this am, as we were up late for an ER visit for Brent (more on that later). And by we, I mean Brent and I, otherwise, Kaitlyn would probably STILL be sleeping.

7:30 am, the most shrill sound starts coming from Kaitlyn's room. I should note that she is VERY good about playing in her room until she's ready for us to come get her. What was that shrill sound sending chills down my spine you may ask? None other than the Wiggles in their big red car. I groaned and rolled over, but those Wiggles persisted! They were relentless! All around they went in their big red car. They bob up and down, the wheels turn and they drive all around as long as you want them to, singing the whole time! Who is that cheerful that early in the morning??? None other than the Wiggles, my friends. Apparently Kaitlyn wanted them to be world travellers as she sent them on the journey every 30 seconds! By 8:00 am I was done. As I clawed my way out of bed, I had the brief thought that I would exile the car to Miss Lida's to disappear forever. Kaitlyn, for her part, would have been THRILLED to take the car to Miss Lida's. The anguish faded and I reconsidered. However, I will be taking the Wiggles out of Kaitlyn's room tonight and will replace it this weekend so her father can experience that particular ring of hell.

As for Brent's trip to the ER, it was the best ER trip I've ever had! It took longer for Uncle Chris to get to our house than it did for Brent's trip to the ER. 11:00 pm, he staggers upstairs, limping and gasping in pain. He was doing the EA Active workout and felt a pop. When I asked him what it felt like he said "It felt like one of the cats punched me in the back of my calf." "One of the cats?" I asked. "Yeah, it was this big POW in the back of my calf. I looked around to see what cats were in the area." (Readers, I'd like you to consider the likelihood of a cat approaching a grown man who is jumping around to punch him in the back of the calf). "Ohhhhhhhhhhkay. Do you need to go to the doctor?" "No, I'll be fine." Twenty minutes go by. "Honey, I think you're right, I think it is my achilles." "So what do you want to do?" "Well, you see, it felt like a pow and I can walk, but it hurts when I stretch -" "No, that's not what I asked. I asked what you wanted to do?" "Oh, I'll just drive myself to the ER." "K (dials phone) Chris, can you come over, I gotta take Brent to the ER."

So over Chris came and off we went. 20 minutes after arriving (and a cool hospital bracelet later), they patted him on the head, told him to take Motrin and sent him on his way. It was eerily reminscent of the time we went to hospital for Kaitlyn's birth, complete with mountains of snow on the ground. We chatted with Chris and then all went to bed. Until the stupid Wiggles. CURSE YOU WIGGLES! Until we meet again!

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