Friday, February 12, 2010

Owies and proper procedure

For a long time, whenever Kaitlyn hurts herself, instead of rushing to her and asking if she's okay, we'll celebrate the incident. For instance, a fall when learning to walk is celebrated with "Bravo!" and clapping of the hands. We're trying not to make a big deal of the fall since that generally seems to add to the tears, but at the same time, we want Kaitlyn to know that we saw what happened and are there for her if she truly needs it.

Kaitlyn's new thing when she hurts herself is to ask if she's okay. A knock on the noggin will prompt an "Okay, mommy?", to which I respond, "I'm okay baby, are you okay?" Today we had a couple of spills and chills. I think she's getting another ear infection which certainly isn't helping any balance issues she might have. When I went into her room to get her to start our day, she was crawling to see a cat ("KEEEETY" in Kaitlyn's world) and banged her elbow. She said "K, mommy?" to which I responded "Okay, baby. Are you okay, do you need a hug?" She came up to me so I was all prepared to give her a hug. She shoved her elbow in my face and said "Muah!" I took that to mean she wanted me to kiss it, so kiss it I did and she went about her merry way.

Later, she tumbled out of the chair she got for her birthday.. She's still learning the balancing points of the chairs, so there have been some falls as she works to figure everything out. So, the blue chair tips over, scaring her and sending her scrambling for comfort. I snuggle her, wipe her tears and she gets down to finish her breakfast (priorities, people, priorities). Does she get back in the blue chair, the chair she fell out of? No sir, says she. She gets in the red chair and reorganizes everything on the table so she can finish her breakfast from there. It was the blue chair's fault, you see, and she will punish it by no longer sitting there. That's my girl! Always figuring out a way to get what she wants!

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