Friday, September 9, 2011

Safety First

My child is a daily source of wisdom AND entertainment for me. This was our conversation this morning on the way to school:

KIC: "Mommy, can we go super fast???"
Me: "No, baby, we cannot."
KIC: "Why, mommy?"
Me: "Because it's raining outside and we need to be safe. We can't go really fast because the roads are wet."
KIC: "Why, mommy?" (can you tell she's 3? I think kids are programmed to be able to understand the concept of why at this age)
Me: "Since it's wet, if we had to stop suddenly while going superfast, we may not be able to stop in time."
KIC: "Ohhhhhh. Mommy, don't crash, k?"
Me: "K, baby, I'll try not to."

I think it's sound advice for all drivers: Don't crash when it rains. Better yet, don't crash at all, really

Speaking of rain, if you haven't heard, it's been raining since Monday in the Metro DC area. Yesterday, we were blessed with flash floods. This is what a park and ride in my area (not my park and ride, thankfully) looked like when drivers went to get their cars yesterday:

More here:
Flood at Reston Park and Ride. Stay safe, ya'll. This weather's key-razy!

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