Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh the humanity!

This week, in celebration of Mickey Mouse's 83rd birthday, KIC's class is having spirit week.  So far, with the exception of one day, it has been "see how many gray hairs we can give mommy" week. 

Courtesy of SEVERAL reminders home, we are acutely aware that Monday is pajama day.  We spend all weekend preparing KIC for pajama day as this is against the norm and we don't want her to think she's breaking rules when we send her in wearing her pajamas.  All went well and we were able to swap one pair of pajamas for another pair very easily.  I arrive at school confidently singing "We've got spirit, yes we do, we've got spirit how 'bout you??"  We are totally gonna rock this spirit week!  So my heart sinks when none of the other kids in the morning classroom are wearing pajamas.  My first thought is somehow I have screwed this up and I immediately start calculating how much time it will take me to get home and get a set of real clothes.  Voice fraught with concern I ask "Wasn't today supposed to be pajama day???" to which the response was "Yes, but the other kids didn't participate."  Well, as it happens, the other kids DID participate, they just hadn't arrived yet.  Most of the kids in the room were one level up and apparently, they weren't down with spirit week.  To which I repeat "We've got spirit, yes we do, we've go spirit, how bout YOU?"

It's Hat Day.  We've got many hats we can choose from, but this is SPIRT week.  We must OWN this.  KIC picks out a ginormous pink cowboy hat, complete with pink tiara on the front.  We coordinate KIC's outfit, as well as mommy's outfit accordingly.  Many compliments throughout the school regarding the pretty hat.  Minor scuffle between KIC and Mommy as to who should wear the hat (what??  Can't you see me wearing a pink cowboy hat with ugly rhinestone crown on the front?  I like to be pretty too!) which Mommy ultimately loses.  Again, we have OWNED this spirit day, thank you very much!

Not gonna lie, I knew Wednesday would be tough.  Like rilly rilly tough.  It was Crazy Hair day.  If you've seen recent pics of KIC, you know that we didn't have much to work with in terms of teasing and spraying and ponytails to the side.  I got the BRILLIANT (yes, I AM patting myself on the back, thank you very much) idea to spray paint KICs hair.  I hyped it up for daaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyysssssssssssssss, since it was new and potentially scary.  Even did a test run.  Come Wednesday morning, KIC was having NONE of it.  Meltdown city for a good 45 minutes.  I, however, was not budging "We've got spirit, yes we do!  We've got spirit how 'bout YOU??"  KIC's emotions with me ranged from, everybody's going to be mad at me, to (post school) nobody liked her hair.  After a lengthy chat with Miss PJ, not only did everybody love her hair, but SHE loved her hair!  However, when Daddy picked her up, she INSISTED she had to have a bath rightthatverysecond to wash it all out.  "Gonna wash that pink right outta my hair!"  (We won't tell her that it didn't actually wash out since blond hair takes color like fleas take to a dog in the summer).

Note the VERY gumpy face.

'Round about 9:00 pm, we realized we didn't have a jersey for sports day.  We could have worn the Mickey Nationals shirt, but Mickey day is tomorrow, so technically, we're saving it up.  Daddy, being the wonderful sport he is, went out and searched high and low for a jersey that would fit.  He finally found a Redskins jersey she could wear.  KIC wakes up this morning, takes one look and says "Nah."  Welllllllllllll, alrighty then.  In desperation, I suggest the soccer shirt.  She embraces it before I leave.  However, when it came time to actually get dressed, it was a big fat no go.  "We've got  We don't have spirit??  Well, shoot."

Here's hoping Friday will be better.  I mean, with a Mickey shirt, personalized Mickey ears and a Mickey doll, how could we go wrong (she says, extremely hopefully)??

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