Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm Grateful for My...Husband

If you're like me, you may be shocked that it's November!  Since we're a full seven days into November, I'm going to go ahead and own the fact that I'm a touch behind the times.  Whatever, I'm still coming out of my Halloween sugar coma.

After my melancholy post last time, and in the spirit of the month that is host to giving thanks, I have decided to focus on giving thanks for all of my November posts.  Many bloggers and people on Facebook are posting something they are grateful for on a daily basis.  I am secure enough in my disorganization to tell you that ain't happening here.  I do plan on listing 30 things I'm grateful for, but with a theme.  Just roll with it, you'll see what I mean.

For my first installment, I will list seven things I appreciate/am grateful for as it relates to my husband.  These are not in order of importance, but more in order that my brain spit them out.
  1. He is a very tolerant, patient man.  Not many men would put up with the Shoup Zoo, and while he isn't exactly in search of what/who else we can add to the menagerie, his support of the animals and patience when a new one enters our lives is unparalleled. 
  2. He is extremely hardworking.  Not only does he work 40 hour weeks, but he is working on his degree AND he takes care of KIC on the evenings I come home late.  Everyone he has ever worked with makes a point of telling me how great he is at what he does, how team oriented he is and how much they enjoy his company. 
  3. He's dedicated to his family.  KIC has him wrapped around her finger and she knows it.  Nothing is too good or too outrageous for her, though.  If I suggest signing her up for soccer or dance or gymnastics, he's there for every session he can attend.  He's her biggest cheerleader on the sidelines and the first to pick up the water bottle when it's time for refreshments.  With all of my hair brained schemes (participating in not one, not two but THREE Avon Walks all over the country), he not only supports me, but he willingly participates as well, by showing his support along the route. 
  4. He doesn't mind that I compare him to Forest Gump all.the.time.  Man likes to run.  How I married a runner is beyond me.  I make no secret of the fact that I hate running.  When he runs, he's not running for time, he's not running for a personal best, he's running because he enjoys it.  As such, I compare him to Forest Gump who ran just to run.  A lesser man would throttle me, but Brent just tells me "Life is like a box of chocolates" and smiles his dopamine high smile at me, the lesser mortal.  Seriously, if running-ness was remotely close to godliness, Brent has run his way to the pearly gates and back again, several times over.
  5. He's got a wicked sense of humor.  My family prizes humor above most things.  Even if you're missing most of your teeth, if you've got a decent sense of comedic timing, we luv ya!  My husband has dropped some zingers on us during large family gatherings that have had us all in stitches.  We still laugh about some to this day.  I'd share them with you, but you kinda had to be there.
  6. Like a good neighbor, Brent Shoup is there.  The man has boundless energy.  Seriously, he can't sit still for more than 5 minutes without thinking of something he MUST be doing RIGHT this very second.  (Ironically, none of those things are "honey do" list related.  NOW I know why he's always too busy!)   If he's outside and he sees anyone that needs help for any reason, he always takes time to stop and help them.  I know it's like a commandment or something to be a good neighbor, but he genuinely likes to help people.  In a day and age of "me me me", watching him help neighbors shovel sidewalks is always heartwarming.
  7. He's my rock.  At the end of the day, no matter what I rage about, no matter how dog tired we both are, no matter how low or how high (metaphorically, people!!), knowing that he's there is a comfort to me.  This year has tested us in ways we've never experienced before and we're finding out a lot about who we are as people, and as a family, but no matter what, I know that he'll always be rock solid.  He's a pretty cool guy that way.
Well, that's one pledge of gratitude for each day of the month so far.  Wonder what I'll come up with for my next list.  In the meantime, please, no matter what is going on right now, try to find one thing you appreciate about the people close to you.  You may surprise yourself with what you find.  #end soapbox

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