Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've mentioned before that there's been a lot of negativity swirling about the Shoup House.  To say it has taken its toll on us would be an understatement.  With each new letter from the HOA, the focus shifts away from us as a family, the good work we do, the awesome daughter we're raising and brings hate and discontent to the forefront.  We, as a family, are going to be facing some stressful and uncertain times in the coming months. 

I don't want to get into too many details as my blog is, and will stay, public and those who are bringing the negativity to the Shoup House certainly have access to what I say.  They are looking for reasons to villify us, and I refuse to give them any ammunition.  The next few months will require us presenting a united front and trying to stay positive in the face of tremendous adversity.  I really do appreciate your counsel and considerate support.  It's very hard because I know that if I do the one thing that in my heart feels wrong, much of what we are dealing with would go away.  However, as we are dealing with living creatures with feelings and not furniture to be discarded, I feel my moral responsibility goes deeper than appeasing those who can't appreciate our efforts.  This has decidedly caused friction and sadness within our own ranks that we hope to rise above.

I would appreciate your thoughts, continued support and even prayers, if you're so inclined, so that we may defeat those who are trying to keep us defeated and so that we can get back that which was so unjustly stolen from us - peace in our own home. 

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Stephanie H. said...

We will be sending prayers!! I hope everything turns out for the best.