Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Conversations I never expected to have with my almost four year old

Topics include:

* Menstruation - I'll spare you the details

*  Why the color blue is far superior to the color pink - Since one of her favorite books is "Pinkalicious", you can probably guess which side I'm on.  Her hatred for the color blue is so intense, she was protesting even putting on a blue winter coat so that I could check the fit.  That crashing sound you hear is my dreams of us wearing matching blue outfits crashing to the floor.

*  One should either choose to eat or wear the candy necklace - After several encounters with a sticky necklace and the tender hair at the nape of her neck, KIC is a convert.

*  Boyfriends!!!!!  This one is going to send Uncle Chris into heart palpitations.
Me:  KIC, do you have a boyfriend?
KIC:  Yes.
Me (shocked):  Who is your boyfriend???
KIC:  Adam, on the days he makes me happy.
Me:  So you really have a boyfriend??
KIC:  I sure do!

While I think all women could benefit from having her boyfriend philosophy, "Only on the days he makes me happy, so he better make me happy every day", I can honestly say I wasn't ready for her to have a boyfriend.  I thought we'd be able to wait until at least the age of 5.

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AmericnJewl said...

That last one was the best KIC quip yet!