Monday, October 3, 2011

Childlike Enthusiasm

I was all prepared to discuss the Quidditch craze sweeping the nation (forgive the pun), but then my kid had to go and be all cute, and well, there you are. By the way, don't believe me about Quidditch? How bout these NPR apples??

Today, on our way to school, the infamous birthday topic came up. We are blessed with an especially active birthday season right now. Five parties in four weekends make for a very busy, but very happy, Shoup House. KIC does not yet know it, but she's going to get gyped in the birthday department this year as I am treating our vacation to Disney as her birthday party. Before you cry "BAD MOM!", home girl is getting dinner with the Disney princesses as part of the package and that perk ain't cheap! Anywhoodle, we were discussing her birthay on our way to school and her ego made a special appearance. To wit:

Me: KIC, for your birthday, we're going to go see Mickey.
KIC: YEAY!! I LOVE MICKEY! When I see him, I'm going to give him a great big hug.
Me (shocked by my suddenly demonstrative daughter): You are?
KIC: Yes I am! I love him the most of anyone in the whole wide world!!
Me (thinking of the potential crushing disappointment when she sees him hugging other children): Well, you probably love him a lot, but other people in the world love him too.
KIC: Okay, but I love him LOTS!
Me: Sounds good, bebes.

On another note, KIC's school is raising awareness and funds for St. Jude's Children Hospital. She will be riding her trike in a trikeathon on Friday, October 7th.

After an overwhelming initial response, KIC and I have raised her fundraising goal. St. Jude's hospital is important because not only do they do extensive research to combat cancer and other catastrophic childhood illnesses, they treat everybody, whether you can afford the treatment or not. KIC's new goal is $500. $500 provides two red blood cell transfusions for a child battling cancer. We found out recently that the funds KIC's school raises will go towards two local children who are currently battling cancer, one of whom is a three year old little boy named Luke. We are working to help Luke kick cancer's {redacted}.

Huge thank you to everyone who has donated. KIC and I appreciate it very much. Please check your inboxes for a very special thank you note from KIC. And for everyone who donates, we will send you a very special picture of KIC in full trike regalia! For those who are interested in donating, here is KIC's personal donation page or you can contact me to make a donation by check. I mean it when I say that KIC is excited about her trikeathon and helping children get better. Thank you for your support!

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