Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Giving Thanks for Shelter Pets

Today, on almost the last day of November, I am participating in the Shelter Pet Project and giving thanks for all of the animals that have come into our lives.  I have always said I wanted to have 500 cats and dogs, not ever fully realizing how many pets I'd have to own at the same time in order to accomplish that goal.  Fostering helps me to reach that goal, for sure. 

Without shelters, my family and I would have been deprived of this:

Sleepy Hound Brigade

And we certainly never would have known the joy of this:

A cloud of cats, all of whom have found homes

And my daughter would have never gotten to experience a love like this:

A dog and his girl

I wouldn't know some of the incredible people I have had the privilege to meet and there would be a lot fewer people who have found their forever pet.  As many car magnets and bumper stickers say "Who saved who?"  So, to all the shelter pets I have known:  Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for bringing me new people to meet and thank you for the love and companionship you've given me through the years.  For every 10 pounds of poop, we get 30 lbs in blessings and that's not something we could ever put a price on.

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