Friday, March 1, 2013

We done lost our minds!!

I have a confession to make.  Sometimes, not only am I ornery, but I contradict myself.  Shocking, I know!!!  I hate scary movies.  Hate them.  I couldn't even stay for "The Others" even though it was free.  I got mad at my friend Terri when we went to see "The X-Files" because she promised me that there would be no scary scenes.  In the broad light of day, I would run from the room whenever the guy ripped the other guy's heart out on Indiana Jones.  No haunted houses, ever, for this girl.  EVER.  E.V.E.R.  I prefer to avoid scary movies and scary scenes altogether. 

Here's where I get weird (shush, peanut gallery):  I LOVE to do scary makeup.  I'm not creative like those guys that do the monsters and stuff for movies, but I can do a good gory biker run over by a car straight outta the movies.  Frankenstein, with bolts and all - no sweat.  Conversely, princess makeup scares me.  Even KIC, with her heavy hand when applying makeup, scares me less than it would if I did it myself.

Okay, bad example.  The hair is scarier than the makeup.

Given my penchant for scary show/movie avoidance, it should be no surprise that I am not currently watching, nor have I ever watched "The Walking Dead."  For those not in the know, "The Walking Dead" is a tv show on AMC about zombies...or something.  I contemplated watching it, briefly, before Terri politely advised against it for the scary factor.  That right thurrr is a good friend.  I must have scarred her for life after "The X-files".  

Enter NannyK who apparently likes to scare the living daylights out of herself (just a guess).  The show introduced an app that allowed viewers to take the picture of their choice and "zombiefy" themselves.  Yesterday, NannyK showed me a picture of herself as a zombie.  With morbid fascination, I urged her to "zombiefy" KIC. 

"Please, sir, may I have more braaaaaaaaaaains???" 

I loved it!  LIKE LOVED IT!  NannyK was INSISTENT that we not show KIC her picture as a "slombie" (as KIC calls it).  Incidentally, it was NannyK waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when that sparked a brief fascination in zombies for KIC.  (She used to walk around the house with her shirt over her head saying "I'm a sloooooooooombie.")  I did not know it was NannyK's influence that caused this fascination until AFTER I hired NannyK.  Just sayin'.

When KIC woke up from her nap, I did inDEED take the opportunity to show her the picture her loving nanny made of her as a "slombie."  She looked at it confused, not recalling when it was she had put on zombie makeup.  Her main concern was that none of the makeup get on her American Girl doll, McKenna.  It took awhile for NannyK and I to explain that it was merely a filter causing her to look like a "slombie".   I then suggested (because not only am I morbidly fascinated in zombies, but I'm apparently an instigator too!) that we do a "slombie" picture of McKenna too.  NannyK and I were told, in no uncertain terms, that we were NOT to make McKenna into a "slombie."  In KIC's words, "If Santa (who gave KIC McKenna in the first place) comes back next year and he sees McKenna all messed up from being a "slombie", you are going to be naughty!!)"  I, of course, mouthed to NannyK "take the picture at nap tomorrow!"

In a conversation later with NannyK, she mentioned that the pic of KIC as a zombie kind of freaked her out.  I asked if it was because she was afraid KIC would wake up crying out "Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!!  I need braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!".  She said "If McKenna gets ahold of her, maybeeeeee" and then she sent me this gem:

So wrong, it's right!

Hope Santa doesn't put NannyK and I on the naughty list!!!!  That NannyK - she is the gift that keeps on giving!

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